I have worked with many people with similar symptoms to one another who had been diagnosed with the same illness, and were treated in the same way by both conventional and alternative methods. When physical and psychological problems are identified and treated by their symptoms and not root causes it makes permanent healing almost impossible. Although our bodies are similar and we may exhibit similar symptoms, the root causes of our illness or ailments are different in each case (as is our DNA). The root causes of every problem or illness are uniquely linked to our own individual unconscious and our journey of evolution in consciousness. The following two examples will illustrate how;
• Tom (age 50) and Stanley (age 9) had been diagnosed with asthma, although the root cause of their ‘asthma’ was different, and
• How Tom (age 50) and Jillian (age 26) had two different ailments, although they both had similar root causes.
Before Stanley’s parents brought him to see me, he was prone to getting asthma, usually in conjunction with a common cold, several times a year. Initially, when he had continuing bouts of coughing, his family doctor diagnosed it as moderate asthma. Upon doctor's direction, Stanley began taking Salbutomol (Ventolin) when he had an episode, and sometimes a more preventive medicine. Both were given with a ventilator mask, and occasionally a puffer if the family was away from home. For the worst bouts he was given Prednisone orally for three consecutive days. This is a powerful steroid that can have long-term side effects. Stanley also underwent allergy testing, which revealed that he was allergic to dust, cats and a few other substances. When these elements were minimized, his asthma became less frequent, but still occurred regularly, especially in the winter.
In order to minimize the use of pharmaceutical drugs, Stanley’s parents searched for other means of curing or treating his asthma. They found an herbalist who prescribed a tea designed to increase the strength of the lungs, as well as relax the airways and reduce the amount of mucous. This worked to some degree, as his asthma attacks were less frequent and severe, but nonetheless they still continued.
Two months later, Stanley’s parents brought him to see me. When I looked into his energy, I could see that his asthma was connected to his previous life’s death. He had died unable to ask for what he needed. The suppressed thought form “I can’t ask for what I need, because I do not want to disturb anyone,” had passed on to his current body. When I asked him if he knew about past lives, he nodded in agreement. Stanley was aware of this thought form, and how he would think it, especially when he was sick with a cold. Once this belief was eliminated from his energy, he realized that he could ask for what he needed. He saw that his parents were available and wanted to give him what he needed.
I continued working with his energy, and he fell asleep for a few minutes as his new awareness was processing in his unconscious. I continued working with him and talking to him. He would sleepily respond to me and repeat what I was telling him. I could tell that he was hearing me and was processing what I was telling him, though his awareness was in the bardo state (A Tibetan term meaning “gap.” The Bardo state traditionally indicates the transition between life, death, and rebirth). When he woke up, he had released the old belief from his unconscious and returned to consciousness with the new awareness that he could ask for what he needed without fear. I helped him to ground this new awareness in his body and gave him a homework assignment that he needed to do for ten days (I usually ‘prescribe’ home work for each client to do on his/her own after the session in order to further ground the new awareness in the body). With his parents’ encouragement and reminders he followed through with his homework. Shortly after this his symptoms disappeared, and his asthma was completely eliminated.
Like Stanley, Tom was also diagnosed with asthma since his early childhood, and was dependent on medications and a ventilator mask. His asthma was getting progressively worse with age, and he was feeling desperate when he came to see me. He told me that he had tried many conventional and alternative healing methods, including acupuncture, homeopathy, and naturopathy, without much success. When I worked with Tom, the root cause of his symptoms was completely different from Stanley’s. In his chest, Tom held a thought form “I don’t want to heal.” When I told Tom that I heard this thought form in his chest, he denied it at first, and said that he had come to see me because he wanted to get to the bottom of his problem and heal it. It was not surprising that all other methods had been unable to succeed –they were unable to recognize and were powerless against Tom’s unconscious, self-sabotaging thought form, which said “I don’t want to heal.”
In spite of this thought form, however, Tom’s spirit was ready and willing to heal, so he followed my guidance as I worked on his body and energy and he was eventually able to see and recognize the unconscious thought form for himself. He admitted that when he was in school he enjoyed being sick, because he got attention and could skip school whenever he wanted. Eventually, he forgot that he had willed himself not to heal, and the thought form “I don’t want to heal” had become an unconscious belief that undermined his health. Each time he wanted attention, the thought form, “I don’t want to heal,” would activate the desired outcome in his lungs and make his breathing difficult by creating resistance and an energetic block in his chest. This way, whenever he wanted to have attention (consciously or unconsciously) he would begin to cough and gasp for breath. With age his body’s ability to handle such stress naturally weakened, and his asthma worsened as a consequence.
As the layers of this and other suppressed thought forms were eliminated from his body’s cellular memory, for the first time he clearly saw how his need for attention was sabotaging and preventing his healing. With this new consciousness, he realized that he did not need anyone’s attention any longer and that he already had everything he needed within himself. He could now let go of this need and the self-sabotaging thought form “I don’t want to heal.” As a result of this one session, which dealt with the root cause of his asthma, Tom reconnected with his inner power and made a firm decision to explore a new way of living without being a victim of his unconscious choices. He called me three weeks later to tell me that his asthma was ninety percent better and that he had dramatically reduced his medication and was no longer using a ventilator. When I spoke to him nine months later he was no longer suffering from asthma.
Like Tom, Jillian’s healing was also sabotaged by the thought form “I don’t want to heal,” but her investment was not in getting attention, but rather, in keeping her addiction. When I first worked with Jillian she was twenty-six years old and had been suffering from a heroin addiction since the age of seventeen. Her body and spirit were very weak. Jillian had demonstrated symptoms of imbalanced behaviour at age thirteen, and due to the limitations of psychiatric medicine, her problem was not properly diagnosed or treated. In fact, a new problem was created when she was traumatized by being hospitalized and forced into confinement. All the medical tests, including a CAT scan, failed to reveal the cause of her problem, so she was heavily medicated, to keep her emotional behavior stable. By the time I saw her she had been in and out of twelve rehab centers, on antidepressants for almost thirteen years, and was still unable to overcome her addiction.
Jillian’s problem was much more complicated than Tom’s, because the thought form “I don’t want to heal,” which was carried over from her past lives, was located in her pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is the most challenging area of the human body to work with, because it contains and controls the entire body/mind/spirit history, as well as the person’s ability to witness and disidentify from their thoughts and emotions. Our ability to witness is directly proportional to the level of our consciousness, and without consciousness it is impossible for us to see and disidentify from our unconscious. Because of this challenge Jillian’s capacity to witness was jeopardized, and what normally could have been resolved in one or two sessions would take much longer to resolve.
Jillian would only be able to see her unconscious and permanently eliminate the root cause of her addiction, if she completely ceased her medications and cleared their effects from her body and psyche. This would require a lot of courage, trust, and will power. In a way, these medications had become another source of addiction and were only helping to suppress the unconscious layers of her unwillingness to heal. Although she was not yet willing to let go of her addictions, through the DHM she was able to attain a glimpse of something greater than her previously perceived reality and she made dramatic improvements in her life. She became conscious that she was not a victim – rather, she had the power to heal herself if she truly wanted to.
More case studies will be published in Mada’s next book:
HEALING INTO CONSCIOUSNESS with the Dalian Method: A Self-Help Healing Guide
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