"Healing of the human body might be called a growth in consciousness. True healing is always an adventure in consciousness leading to new understandings."   - Edgar Cayce
The evolutionary Dalian Method™ for Health and Consciousness can help you:
• Quickly access and heal the root causes of the energetic blocks that create physical,    mental, and emotional pain and illness.
• Eliminate unnecessary pain and suffering.
• Permanently transform your unconscious/mechanical behavior patterns.
• Heal your wounds into a self-empowered consciousness.
• Transform the ego-mind into consciousness.
• Gain clarity about your life's purpose.
• Save months and even years of counseling, psychotherapy, side effects caused by   mood  altering medications, and many doctor’s visits.

"Mada with her God given healing capabilities changed me within a matter of weeks from a walking skeleton, following an open heart surgery, to a healthy person..." - Gerald Van Schaik, P.Eng.

"Mada has an unspeakable gift and has the most gentle soul I've ever come across. Working with her has been a once in a lifetime opportunity that if I hadn't taken, I would have been a very unbalanced person...my life is now whole." - Karina Holsti

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