What is the ultimate goal of the DM?
Our purpose on earth is to find our being and become fully conscious of our eternal oneness with existence. Our body is only a vehicle to help us transform our unconscious state of being into a conscious state of Being. Each energy center (Chakra) acts as a transformational chamber which refines and crystallizes our unconscious energy into consciousness.
I am always excited to see how people's eyes literally light up after they have become conscious of something that was hidden within their unconsciousness. Each person’s glimpse of their en-lightened self helps to light up the world for others, and to bring a little more joy into it.
What can I expect from a session?
What might normally take months, or perhaps even years, can be achieved in one or two sessions with this method.
Once your suppressed thoughts and emotions are released from your body and etheric field, your energy channels (meridians and Chakras) will open immediately. The effect is like opening a clogged pipe. The energy will flow throughout your body, and where there were blocks before you will feel lightness and more fluidity. Psychologically, this feels like moving into your inner center and power from where you can make firm decisions about your life. What seemed like a big problem will appear insignificant. Physically, (especially during and after a 60 or 90 minute session) you may feel a tingling sensation in your hands and feet, solidity in your posture, and a feeling of groundedness in your body. You will feel a sense of well-being, freedom and peace with the increased awareness, and may feel as though you are learning to walk for the first time.
How many sessions do I need in order to permanently resolve my problem?
Some problems are solved within one session and others might require two or three sessions. It depends on the following three factors:
• how open, ready and willing you are to face the depth of your unconscious.
• how willing you are to do your assigned homework after the session.
• how deeply rooted the “problem” Is.
Usually, depending on the individual and how soon they are able to process and integrate the “energetic surgery” that happens during the session, the time needed between sessions could be anywhere between 3 weeks to 6 months. This is so, because it takes time to assimilate and manifest the energy shift and new consciousness that occurs as a result of the session. At the end of the session, I will give you an idea of how long you personally might need to assimilate the work that was done during the session, and when you would be ready to work on the next layer of your unconscious. Some energy patterns and imprints of traumatic experiences are carried over from past lifetimes and therefore take a bit longer before you are ready to deal with them and let them go.
Will the energy shift be permanent, or will the problem return?
The energy shift with a DM session is permanent, because once you have become conscious of something you cannot be unconscious of the same thing again. Your new consciousness will erase the old unconscious program from your body’s cellular memory. During the integration period, you may at times act mechanically out of your old habit, but you will immediately see it and will eventually be able to disidentify from it and let it go. Once the integration of consciousness in your body is complete, you will no longer repeat the old habitual pattern again.
Why do you give homework?
I give homework to assist you in your integration process. As a result of doing the homework, you put your new awareness into motion and gradually reconnect with your inner strength and power. With more power and awareness, you can fearlessly delve deeper into your unconscious and heal the old “problems” into consciousness.
Is there anything I can do to continue with this process on my own?
Absolutely! This is the purpose of the homework. The homework is NOT generic. It is very individual and is given specifically to assist each individual to integrate what we had worked with during the session. It is very important that you take the homework seriously and make sure to do it! Doing the homework puts your new consciousness into motion and helps you to complete your healing process.
Can the DM help children? If yes, do they have to be of a certain age?
Yes, it can definitely help children, and I love to work with them! You may be surprised to know that children are very aware of themselves, and it usually takes only one session for a child to clear the suppressed “problems,” in contrast to the longer time it may take an adult. A yearly “maintenance” session is highly advisable to keep the child’s consciousness pure and uncontaminated from outside influences. The age and maturity level of the child plays a role in determining whether a session is suitable for them.
Is the DM equally accurate and effective when done over the phone?
The phone session is just as accurate and effective, although the 90 minute in-person session includes hands-on body work. During the phone session you will receive an energy reading that will identify the cause of the problem(s) and some energy work will be done to help release the old beliefs and thought forms from your body. You will also receive homework that you can do on your own to help continue your healing process.
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