Below are a few Self-Help exercises from In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness:
Watch Your Breath
Breath is always the key to experiencing and strengthening your witnessing awareness. No matter how far you have traveled on your healing journey, you will always need to watch your breath. Breath awareness is the simplest way to break through all the veils of illusion.
Practice watching your breath by simply watching how your breath comes in through the nostrils, goes down into the belly, and then goes out again through the nostrils. Focus your attention on your belly while you are watching your breath come in and out of your nostrils. Dedicate at least fifteen to twenty minutes a day to this practice. Just sit silently and watch your breath. You can also practice breath awareness any time during the day as you go about your daily activities: taking a shower, watching TV, talking on the phone, cleaning, etc. After practicing this for three weeks to three months, move to the next practice. Remember that breath is life, and breath awareness is the thread moving through all the other practices.
Witness Every Thought
As a regular practice, take ten minutes a day to sit and watch your thoughts. Do nothing else but watch your thoughts as they come and go. Accept and welcome every thought without judging, criticizing, or denying it. After three weeks (or longer if necessary), and once you become aware of your thoughts in your sitting practice, begin watching them during all your activities throughout the day.
Witnessing your thoughts will help you become aware of how they continually change and affect the way you feel. Through observation you will also recognize that many of the thoughts you are watching are a part of a greater collection of thoughts that you and everyone else are unconsciously and mechanically following. For example, you may think you should treat others with kindness, even when their harmful actions give you a clear intuitive message that you need to stand up for yourself. The thought to be kind may seem like your thought, but in reality, if you look deeper, you will discover that it is based on a collective moral conditioning that you are involuntarily following. As a consequence of this collective thought, you compromise your own truth and the development of your own inner strength and consciousness.
Watch Your Every Judgment and Let It Go
Most of us are familiar with how quickly we judge ourselves, others, and life. Judgment is one of our biggest enemies because it closes the door of our heart and suppresses our innocence and intelligence. All judgments are thoughts that are projected onto reality and have nothing to do with truth. With this exercise, each time you see yourself making a judgment, stop immediately and let the judgment go. Even if at times you may be right, let the judgment go anyway and keep your mind and heart open. Use your breath to help you let go of your judgment and with each exhalation say to yourself, “I let go of my judgment.” If you practice with this exercise for three months, you will feel a deep cleansing and purification in your energy and a sense of transformation in your life and relationship with others.
Let Go of Your Thoughts by Expressing them Out Loud
The thoughts and emotions are not in our head alone – they are suppressed everywhere in our body and grow like weeds in a garden. Everything we feel, think and hold on to is stored in our body, layer upon layer. The layers of suppressed thoughts and emotions take us out of balance and cause our physical pain and suffering. To restore physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wholeness we need to purify our body of the suppressed thoughts and emotions. One very powerful way to do this is through open and honest expression. This requires courage and understanding. Expressing your thoughts and emotions out loud honestly and openly will not only clear your energy of inner turmoil but will also help you become more true and authentic to yourself and others.
You can practice this exercise privately or when communicating with others. To do it privately, allocate some time when you are alone and can comfortably express out loud whatever thoughts and emotions are coming up. Don’t judge and criticize what you are saying, and don’t let your mind stop you no matter how silly it may appear in the beginning. It is like singing in the shower. If you give it a fair try, with time you will begin to experience more peace and understanding of yourself and others. If you express your thoughts and emotions out loud, not only will it help you become more conscious and truthful when communicating with others, it will also open your heart, free your blocked energy, and improve your physical and emotional health.
Listen with Your Heart
Another way to become aware of and disidentify from your thoughts and emotions is to listen with your heart instead of your mind. Much of what we hear filters through our ego-mind and we miss many opportunities to be present in the Now.

To listen with your heart, bring your breath and awareness into your heart and literally listen through your heart. Keep your attention centered in your heart while you listen to whatever others are saying to you. Watch any thoughts, emotions, or feelings that arise inside you as a result, and understand that the other is simply triggering parts of your ego-mind. If you listen with your heart, your judgments of yourself and others will weaken, and you will be able to see yourself, others, and the world with more objectivity and compassion.

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