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Community Reflections

I was sceptical at first … By W. G., Psychologist My therapist recently introduced me to the existence of something called the Dalian Method and asked me to look into it. When reading what others had shared about it on the website [www.madadalian.com] I was still a little sceptical at first. I found it hard to […]

Inspirational Quotes

Have the Courage to Stand Apart   Let Go of Old Beliefs   Learn to Trust What you Feel   Everyone is a Mirror   Be Excited About Living in the Unknown   Our Being and the Being of the Universe are One   Vulnerability is not Weakness Your Ego is Not Your Enemy Truth […]

Practical Suggestions for Daily Living

Small practical suggestions to help grow your awareness … Let go of your thoughts by expressing them out loud   Turn reaction to self-awareness   Watch your breath   Witness every thought   Watch your judgements and let them go   Listen with your heart   Cultivate courage   The above exercises have been excerpted […]