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To restore the natural energy flow in the body the repressed unconscious beliefs, thoughts, and emotions must be identified, released, and transformed into consciousness… Consciousness is that part within our being that recognizes we are eternal and cannot be destroyed by death. It knows that we only change our forms and can never disappear from existence. Consciousness is the thread that connects all moments between life, death, and rebirth.
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A Rare Opportunity to Work with an Enlightened Mystic

Working with Mada is like working with unconditional source of truth. Mada is a no-nonsense, to the point, and completely and utterly practical. She doesn’t spend a lot of time talking about the problems or abstract concepts and philosophies. Instead, she immediately and accurately identifies the root cause of the problem and with her groundbreaking method helps to erase the cause(s) of any given ailments from the body’s cellular memory.

Benefits of Working with Mada and the Dalian Method

Mada calls the healing journey to awakening and awakening itself – healing into consciousness – and her revolutionary healing method reflects that. A single 90 minute session with Mada will dramatically fast-forward your physical, mental, and emotional healing and spiritual transformation. It will help you simultaneously heal your body, mind, and emotions and transform spiritually.



  Currently Mada offers only a limited number of private sessions. For booking information please refer to book a session page. book-session