10 day Healing into Consciousness Intensive

We can avoid unnecessary suffering, and move through the stages of our development faster, if we embrace every opportunity to know our true Self.
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The Healing into Consciousness Intensive is designed by Mada as an urban retreat and has been running each year since 1997. If you are coming from out of town, consider this as a special vacation and a retreat combo and enjoy this beautiful city!

Using the Osho Dynamic meditation each morning along with Mada’s individual guidance on what to focus on during the meditation is a unique and powerful combination. In a short time you can accomplish more through this 10 day intensive than what you would achieve through years of therapy. You will also be able to learn how to quickly dis-identify from your mind and emotions and experience your inner stillness – something that usually takes years of silent sitting meditation practice.


If you are ready for a quantum leap the Healing into Consciousness Intensive will create a 180 degree shift in your perception of yourself and the world. You will:


• Detoxify your body from repressed negative thoughts and emotions

• Transform your psychological and emotional wounds

• Break through self-imposed and collective conditionings

• Transform stress, loneliness, insecurity, and depression

• Experience the silent presence of your being

• Get in touch with your essence and life purpose

• Improve your physical health


Through the course of the intensive you will also practice with other active meditation techniques such as No-Yes, Chakra Breathing, Chakra Sounds, and Kundalini. You will have an opportunity to:


• Dance and celebrate

• Participate in group-work with other seekers

• Receive daily assignments to integrate your experience throughout the day

• Have alone time to reflect and ground your new awareness in your body


Why practice with Mada?

Mada has been teaching Osho Active Meditations and facilitating Inner Growth Workshops since 1990. Since then, she has made a profound difference in hundreds of people’s lives in their process of spiritual growth and transformation.


Having experienced her own awakening through the Osho Dynamic meditation she knows first-hand the deep wisdom and transformative power of the Osho active meditations. Mada combines her unique skill as a master healer and self-realized spiritual teacher to guide others towards their own awakening.


Like a true Zen master, Mada’s workshops and intensives create an environment of non-judgmental unconditional acceptance, allowing participants to safely expose their repressed inner darkness so it can be seen and transformed into the compassionate light of consciousness.


Mada does not use blanket answers. She works with each person according to his or her own individual needs. With her help and encouragement, it becomes easier to take risks and delve into areas where you normally might be afraid to venture on your own.


If you have the courage to risk facing your fears and transforming your ego, Mada has the strength, ability, and wisdom to help you cut through the layers of your unconsciousness and liberate your being into the health of consciousness.

Who should attend?

These Intensives are recommended for people of all ages and backgrounds, beginners as well as seasoned meditators. It is for those who are ready to live without pain and suffering and who are serious about taking charge of their own life.


The intensives are also ideal for people who are in helping professions such as counselors, psychologists, health care professionals, mental health care workers, dentists, doctors, nurses, yoga teachers, and everyone who would like to deepen their understanding of their own self.

What others are saying


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The 10 day Intensive is only held once a year. For the next date please see the Calendar of Events.




The Intensive is held at Jericho Hill Center, 4196 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, Canada




Tuition & Registration


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Detailed instructions about diet and recommended lifestyle during the process will be provided upon registration.



[toggle title=”Is the intensive only in the mornings from 6:30am to 8:30 am? “]The hours of the intensive are indeed those early hours from 6:30am to 8am. On some days and weekends they run a bit longer. The intensive was originally created as an urban retreat so people could still carry on with their daily lives without needing to take time off work.

The morning sessions are extremely powerful and bring up a lot to the surface from your unconscious. This gives you the rest of the day to process and integrate what comes up in the morning. Mada also gives homework each day to help with this integration. People who come to the Intensive from out of town always appreciate their time in this beautiful green coastal city (Vancouver, Canada) with its many beaches and parks to have the needed quiet integration time.

[toggle title=”Is accommodation included with the tuition?”]No. You need to make separate arrangements for your accommodation. Our out-of-town participants usually have no difficulty finding very comfortable accommodations in the Kitsilano area of Vancouver where the Intensive takes place. We can also connect you with others who are coming for the Intensive if you’d like to arrange a shared accommodation or car-pooling.

[toggle title=”Is it advisable to fast during the Intensive?”]Mada always recommends a light vegetarian diet during the Intensive to help assist with this deeply cleansing process. There are people who also choose to fast during the Intensive to help detoxify their body even more. If you are planning to fast, please let us know.