8 Week Online Course Healing into Consciousness with the Dalian Method


The 8 Week Healing into Consciousness Online Course is a unique ‘signature course’ created by Mada Eliza Dalian. It is designed to save you time and effort and help propel your transformation into consciousness unlike anything you might have tried before. This course offers an excellent opportunity to work with Mada’s bull’s eye guidance, along with the self-healing Dalian Method and Osho Active Meditations to accelerate your journey of healing and self-discovery.

A Life-Changing Opportunity

The 8 week online course will take you into places inside yourself that is impossible to access with positive or wishful thinking.

During the course Mada will look into what is blocking your energy in each chakra, identify the precise thought patterns and beliefs that are repressed in the front and the back of your chakras, and give you clear instructions on how you can work with transforming what is unconscious in your energy into consciousness.

During each week you will practice with the self-healing Dalian Method, along with the chosen active meditation for that week to help you:

• Detoxify your body of many layers of repressed thought patterns and beliefs
• Break through collective conditionings
• Transform generations of emotional baggage
• See how everyone (including your parents) have been mirroring back to you what you needed to learn about yourself
• Understand (not just intellectually) how each person and situation have contributed to your growth
• Find your inner strength authentic voice
• Experience a profound behaviour change
• Expand your consciousness
• Become self-empowered and free
• Strengthen your inner witness and silent presence
• Get in touch with your essence and manifest the shifts in consciousness in your daily life

What can you expect each week:

  • 1st_week

    Week 1: Mada will look into your energy in the right and left sides of your body and will read the thoughts-forms that are running through these (male and female) sides. She will also read the repressed thought-forms in the 1st chakra and will address the conditionings and beliefs (parental, social and religious) that have shaped your attitude towards sex and sexuality. During the week you will work with the self-healing Dalian Method to release and transform what is repressed in the 1st chakra and the left and right sides of your body. This will help you develop a healthy attitude towards your sexuality and will balance the  relationship between your inner female and male (yin/yang) energy polarities.

  • 1st_week

    Week 2: During the second week Mada will identify the repressed thought-forms in your second chakra and will guide you on how you can work with the fears and insecurities that are repressed in your second chakra using the self-healing Dalian Method. As you go deeper and transform your insecurity, fear, and inner conflict into consciousness, you will be able to heal your body of internal stress or chronic back pain, and truly understanding that your survival does not depend on other people’s approval. You will realize that you do not need to do what does not feel right for you and feel in your being that you are not alone and all your needs will always be taken care of by existence.

  • 1st_week

    Week 3: The third week will be dedicated to your power center – the solar plexus – and issues related to your development in the third chakra will be discussed. Mada will identify the repressed thought-forms in this chakra and give you guidance on how to work with the issues at hand. Releasing and transforming the beliefs and negative emotions stored in your third chakra will help to free your energy and expand your consciousness. It will help you connect to your inner strength and power and learn to trust yourself.
    Working with the self-healing Dalian Method in the 3rd chakra will also open a door to new opportunities to live your life as you choose.

  • 1st_week

    Week 4: The fourth chakra is a bridge between the three lower and the three higher chakras. it is the chakra that helps you transform your instinctual behaviours into love and compassion for yourself and others. As with the lower chakras, Mada will identify what is repressed in your heart chakra so you can work with the Dalian Method to purify your heart from repressed sadness, pain, and negative emotions. You will begin to accept yourself and others as you/they are, and learn the important lessons hidden in your traumatic life experiences. As your understanding and energy expand, you will pleasantly discover your tremendous capacity for love and forgiveness.

  • 1st_week

    Week 5: With your energy beginning to move freely in your four chakras you will start to feel your unique individuality and freedom of expression. Here, Mada will identify the repressed thought-forms in the fifth chakra, what prevents you from speaking your inner truth, and living your creative potential fully. As you work with what is repressed in your throat chakra with the Dalian Method, you will not only heal physical challenges such as thyroid conditions but will also begin to discriminate between your conscious and unconscious actions. You will be able to permanently break your old beliefs and behaviour patterns, increase your self awareness, and learn to express yourself freely and fearlessly.

  • 1st_week

    Week 6: The sixth chakra is where we transcend the illusion created by the physical reality and connect to the timeless and formless part of our existence. Opening this center is of utmost importance if we want to find our true being and life purpose. Mada will identify the thought-forms that are repressed and blocking your sixth chakra. As you work with this chakra using the Dalian Method, you will be able to discriminate between intuitive knowing and intellectual knowledge. You will connect with your inner wisdom and the limitless possibilities hidden within your being. You will expand your consciousness and will gain clarity on how to manifest your dreams into reality.

  • 1st_week

    Week 7: The seventh chakra is the portal which helps us transcend our ego’s perception of separation and experience oneness with all that is. As you work with releasing the repressed thoughts and beliefs from the seventh chakra, you gain enough courage and understanding to be able to confront your fear of death and surrender your ego’s will to the will of existence. Here, Mada will provide the needed ground and support for you to face your fears of letting go of your attachments to the familiar world of people and things. As
    you pass through this door of ultimate surrender, you will be able to start living in the Now and joyfully welcome the mysteries hidden in the unknown.

  • 1st_week

    Week 8: During this week’s call you will receive specific guidance from Mada on what you can do to continue integrating and grounding your new awareness in your daily life as you move through your journey of healing into consciousness.



[toggle title=”Will I get to speak with Mada every week during the Online Course? “]Yes. You will have a one-on-one time with Mada each week. She will look into your energy, read the repressed thought-forms in each chakra, and will give you guidance on how to work on your own during the week. You will also have an opportunity to ask Mada questions related to what is coming up for you as you move through the process each week.

[toggle title=”How many participants are in the class?”]Due to the individualized nature of the online course the maximum number of participants per class is kept at 25. If there are more participants, there will be 2 classes and 2 call-in times on the same dates.

[toggle title=”How long are the weekly calls?”]The classes are typically 2 to 2.5 hours long. The length of the class depends on the number of participants and the amount of time that Mada takes to address each person.

[toggle title=”How much time should I dedicate to the Online Course each week to get the most out of it?”]Naturally, the more time you put into the course the more you can get out of it. It is advisable to set time aside after the call each Sunday to practice with the self-healing Dalian Method using the thought-forms that Mada identifies in your energy during the call. It is also good to set time aside each day to practice with the active meditation of the week. The active meditations are 1 hour long and the self-healing Dalian Method is 98 or 74 minute long depending on the version you choose.

[toggle title=”Would I be getting the weekly recordings in case I miss a call?”]Yes. You will receive a downloadable recording of each call. Mada shares a lot of wisdom during the class and people find it very helpful to listen to the recordings again. You will also be able to get the thought-forms in the chakra you missed read the following week and work with the self-healing Dalian Method during the week.

[toggle title=”Would I be able to connect with other participants and exchange notes?”]Absolutely! As a matter of fact, you will be encouraged to do so. We will be setting up a private group blog for the duration of the course. You can connect with others, share your experiences, and be encouraged by seeing the similarities that you and others are working through. Mada reads all the blog posts and will have a good idea of where you are in your process during the week.

[toggle title=”How do I connect to the weekly call?”]You will be calling a US-based conference number. You can call from your phone or Skype. If you do not have a long distance plan on your phone we recommend getting a Skype long distance plan, which you can use from anywhere in the world via your internet.


Course Dates:



Early bird discount ($75). Register before January 4, 2018 and pay $1,025. 

Due to the individualized nature of this course the class size is limited. Early registration is advised.

Refund Policy: No refund on course tuition after start date.



Course Materials:

The following course materials are not included in the tuition and need to be purchased separately:

1. Healing the Body & Awakening Consciousness with the Dalian Method: An Advanced Self-Healing System for a New Humanity, book & 2CD set

2. In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness, Book or eBook

3. The Osho Kundalini, Chakra Breathing, Chakra Sounds, Nadabrahma, Gourishankar active meditation CDs or MP3s

4. No-Yes active meditation CD or MP3

5. Transcending the Fear of Death and the Unknown guided meditation MP3.

These powerful practical tools will be extremely beneficial for you even after the 8 week Online Course as you continue with your meditation and introspection practice.


From Participants:

“During this course I felt a true recognition of Mada’s concepts and teachings when they came into a wonderful fruition for me. Mada’s teachings beautifully crystallized into what I can only describe as ’aha’ moments. For me, it was a true experience of healing into consciousness!”

Albert Sturm
Film Producer & Broadcaster, Canada

“I am truly grateful for what I experienced with Mada’s online mentoring as she introduced us to many healing techniques and tools for awakening. She encouraged us to question our beliefs, face our fears and to tell the truth.”

Catherine Peters
RRP, College Instructor, Germany

“I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the online course. I found the weekly conversations with Mada to be enlightening. Mada was able to see through all the problems that the participants were facing and reveal the underlying patterns that their problems were pointing to. The weekly homework and meditations helped me bring further awareness to my patterns. I am excited for any person that is considering taking the course. I am sure that once they have participated their life will be full of so much more joy and happiness. Mine sure has.”

Rick Chehil
MD, Canada

“Mada’s online course is a process designed to help you heal into consciousness, it’s not just another mental teaching. It involves going into and through the emotional, mental and physical layers of unconsciousness as the witness of what is happening in order to heal it once and for all. Mada’s teachings reach so many different levels of consciousness within you and give you exactly what you need at your present stage of unfoldment.”

Jim McCarthy
President Pacific Bulletproof Co., USA

“This 8 week course has been a wonderful way to understand and work through deep conditionings and let go of everything that gets in the way! Mada quickly points to the heart of the matter and teaches how to gain self awareness and understanding, with grace, compassion and confidence. I highly recommend this course for anyone who is seeking to live life more freely, passionately, courageously, and consciously.”

Krista Kujat
Modeling and Actress, NY

“This was an amazing 8 weeks and I truly enjoyed all my new awareness. I feel the pure consciousness coming through more and more. The witnessing and being aware of thoughts have given me more highlights of feeling lighter and trusting my journey. I am so grateful for this pathway, it feels amazing. It is like an adventure and I want to know more, what’s coming around the next corner. Being in the company of like minded souls resonated beautifully, as I could relate to many questions and responses. Mada’s guidance was ultra plus, she was way above my expectations. She is a wonderful mystic, guide and teacher. I could not have asked for more :-). She leads, however, it is me who finds my way. I love the self-healing DM (Dalian Method), it resonates so well. The negative thought forms would come up and I would feel the energy change to no longer have any charge after doing the DM. I love it! I certainly will sign up again for the next 8 Week Online Course and whatever Mada is offering. I highly recommend this process to anyone who is serious about there own evolution and is willing to do the work.”

Brigitta Rabold
Intuitive Energy Coach, Canada

“I just finished my 3rd Online Course with Mada, I feel that the inner strength from the course continues to manifest, and everyday I become more and more aware of deep positive inner changes. It is so exciting!”

Lila Haris

“The online course offered me easy access to such an incredibly enlightened, wise and experienced teacher. In Mada Dalian I have a friend and a loving, wise guide to shine the light on parts of me I hadn’t been willing to acknowledge or accept. Looking back on myself before this course and comparing it to the awareness I have now (after the course) just blows me away! The time and energy I had invested to look at my current state has paid off and it’s only the beginning. I now have the tools, knowing, and trust to continue the transformation… For anyone who’s ready to take an honest look at themselves and face fear in the face, I HIGHLY recommend enrolling in this course! It seems such a rare opportunity to be able to work with someone of Mada’s caliber of expertise and knowing. I have been blessed and am forever grateful to have her in my life at this time.”

Kari Hietanen

“Thanks Mada for all the work you do with me, and the class. This exploration that I’ve undertaken since meeting you has been a bright light for me and gives me so much more to live for and strive for than anything else I’ve done in this lifetime. This bit by bit seems like such simple small steps but they are all so much bigger once I assimilate my new awareness in my everyday life.”

Tracy Barrett
Air Canada Captan

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Dalian Method and the meditation work during the 8 week online course. I really feel HUGE differences in myself that NO other work has ever created in such a swift, effective ways.”

Abigail Steidley
Mind-Body Coach