Dalian School for Health & Consciousness

Life is a school in which each one of us is given many opportunities to evolve spiritually and discover who we truly are.
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Fast-forward Your Inner Evolution with these Unique Courses, Retreats & Trainings

The Dalian School for Health and Consciousness offers an invitation to all those who desire to deepen their self-exploration, realign with their true nature, and experience the inner joy, peace, and presence of their being. It is for those who know that they have something valuable to offer to the world and wish to remove the blockages that prevent them from living their full purpose and potential.


The seminars, workshops, intensives, online courses, and coach & facilitator trainings offer many opportunities for:


• Self-exploration

• Transformation of limiting beliefs

• Strengthening the ability to witness and dis-identify from thoughts and emotions

• Learning to trust your inner voice and wisdom

• Tapping into your creativity and manifesting your limitless potential