Dalian Method Facilitator Training

Life is a school in which each one of us is given many opportunities to evolve spiritually and discover who we truly are.
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The Dalian Method Facilitator Training is an in-depth certificate program offered in three parts:

Part 1. Facilitating the Self-Healing Dalian Method for Adults

Part 2. Facilitating the Self-Healing Dalian Method for Teens

Part 3. Facilitating the Self-Healing Dalian Method for Children & Family

This unique training offers an exciting opportunity to become a pioneer in the new type of self-care evolution, which substitutes the mind-focussed symptom-oriented treatment of dis-ease and inner unrest to consciousness-focussed transformation of the actual causes of dis-ease and inner unrest.

Using the extraordinary power of the bull’s eye Dalian Method to identify and permanently erase the unconscious thought-patterns and emotions that are stored in the body’s cellular memory, this training will allow the trained facilitator to make a profound difference in many people’s lives, including adults, teens, young adults, and children.

Equipped with the wisdom of this advanced new healing and personal transformation system, you will learn how to assist others in their quest for health, inner balance, happiness, and expanded consciousness.


The Dalian Method (DM) Facilitator Training will give you an opportunity to:

• Explore and understand the wisdom behind the Dalian Method

• Learn how to facilitate Dalian Method sessions for adults, teens, children, and family

• Make engaging presentations

• Offer practical therapeutic workshops

• Develop your unique style of working with others

• Confidently and self-reliantly share your knowledge, experience, and wisdom

• Continue with your own self-exploration and transformation into greater consciousness


During the training you will learn how to:

• Guide adults, teens, and children to most effectively work with the Dalian Method

• Help people learn to identify the causes of their energetic blocks, pain, anxiety, illness, etc. and release the thought-forms, emotions, and beliefs that are associated with those blockages

• Understand the difference between thought-forms, awareness, and consciousness

• Deepen your understanding of different energy centers/chakras and how to work with various aspects of ego-personality and consciousness in each chakra

• Help adults, teens, and children learn how to ground their awareness in their bodies

• Help create post-session exercises to integrate the transformative results of their Dalian Method session in their daily life

• Facilitate workshops with the Dalian Method and Osho Active Meditations

and much much more…

Alongside in-person trainings you will have on-going conference calls where you can ask questions about your practice and receive specific guidance from Mada. You will also participate in a blog with other participants and receive support from your peers in training.

The DM Facilitator Training is ideal for health care professionals who are working in both conventional and alternative healing modalities. This training will not only enhance the effectiveness of your professional practice, but will also greatly assist you in your personal development and transformation!


Dalian Method Facilitator Training Modules

Part 1

This training will prepare you to work with adults using the full versions of the Dalian Method. You will learn how to facilitate DM sessions to help transform various physical, mental, and emotional health issues and guide them on how they can help themselves in continuing to ground and integrate the shifts that occur in their sessions. This training will also address how you can use the Dalian Method for spiritual transformation.

During this training you will practice facilitating DM sessions with your fellow trainees as well as volunteers.

DM Facilitator Training Module 1 consists of 10 full days of training, monthly follow up training calls, and on-going individual support from Mada and the group through a special blog.

Part 2

This module will focus on preparing you to work with teens and young adults. You will experience working with teens and different issues that they are experiencing in their lives using the specifically designed Dalian Method Sessions for Teens. 

DM Facilitator Training Module 2 consists of 10 full days of training, monthly follow up training calls, and on-going individual support from Mada and the group through a special blog.

Part 3

In Module 3 training we will look at how the specially designed Dalian Method for children can be used to facilitate rapid transformation in the lives of children. We will work with multitude of challenges that children are facing in their school and home lives. We will work with a variety of family dynamics, explore how parents can practically help their children use the Dalian Method for children to strengthen their self-esteem and self-confidence using  the Dalian Method designed for various commonly experienced by children issues.

The facilitators will learn how to help children learn early on to recognize their own inner strength by looking inside and finding their own answers. This training will teach how to work children and each family member individually, and as a group, to enjoy their independence and at the same time appreciate and value the gifts that each member brings to enrich the lives of the entire family.

Completing the Dalian Method Facilitator Training 3 will open a wide range of possibilities in how the various Dalian Method Accelerated Transformation Series sessions, designed to address specific issues, can assist the entire family in the process of rapid transformation.

DM Facilitator Training Module 3 consists of 10 full days of training, monthly follow up training calls, and on-going individual support from Mada and the group through a special blog.

A Dalian Method Facilitator Certificate for Adults, Teens, Children, and Families will be issued after completion of this training.



A private session with Mada and any one of the courses outlined below will be required prior to registering for the DM Facilitator Training.

10 day Intensive

7 day retreat

8 Week Online Course

5 Week Online Course

Please email us for further information if you have completed the pre-requisites and wish to be part of this unique training!

Dates for the 2016/2017 DM Facilitator Training will be announced in September 2016. Please check back or email us if you are interested to participate.

Genius, Precise, and Magical

Each time I do the self-healing Dalian Method or facilitate a session, I am in awe how Mada created such a genius, precise, and magical tool. The Self Healing Dalian Method is going to be part of people's lives, just like massage, and will help to balance their life. What a gift to humanity!    
testo01 Belinda D'Mellow
DM Facilitator

We are blessed with the enormous gift that Mada is giving to the health care system!

After experiencing medical school in Amsterdam and working in the ICU I am excited that I have found Mada. My inner work has had an acceleration of transformation since working with the Dalian Method and I am so grateful that I can participate in the SHDM Facilitator Training with the intention to include this in my practice as a doctor. We are blessed with the enormous gift that Mada is giving to the health care system!
testo01 Dr. Mattanja Dirks, MD
 DM Facilitator

The DM facilitator training is unlike any other course I’ve done

The DM facilitator training with Mada Dalian is unlike any other course I've done. It's all about staying absolutely present, alert and aware of everything that is happening within ourselves, as well as the person we are facilitating. I learned a lot. I felt I went on my own inner journey, along with learning how to help others navigate through their’s.
testo01 Jatinder Berar
DM Facilitator


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