Innovative Healing & Transformation


The Dalian MethodTM (DM) helps to pave the way to finding and living our full potential as individuals and as a humanity. It is an innovative educational tool used by various institutions and healthcare providers to facilitate broader understanding of self and others, improve team cooperation, and foster an overall sense of wellbeing, acceptance, and self-responsibility.


By uncovering each person’s consciousness DM helps individuals to tap into their inner wisdom and strength and transform their challenges to live a healthy and joyful life. With increased understanding comes a more kind, loving, and creative organization and society.

A Complimentary Tool for Conventional Healing Practices

The Self-Healing Dalian Method is a powerful tool that can be used alongside allopathic and alternative treatments, counselling, or psychotherapy to complement and speed up the process of healing and recovery. It is especially useful when working with chronic pain, anxiety, insecurity, depression, fear, phobias, hypertension, stress, anger, digestion problems, ulcers, fibromyalgia, asthma, Crohn’s disease, thyroid conditions, cancer, post surgery recovery, as well as most other physical and psychological ailments and illnesses.


A Self-Healing Dalian Method Teacher Training Certificate Course is offered twice a year. It is ideal for health care practitioners who wish to enhance the effectiveness of their existing practice. Click here for details.