Intensive Testimonials

Joy arises out of self-discovery not from trying to fix a so-called problem.
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“Mada’s intensive exceeded my expectations! It is way over the top and awesome. I am a truth seeker and nothing I have done in 40 years can compare with Mada’s work. Her clarity, her ‘seeing’, her wisdom, her beautiful light sets her apart from others. Much gratitude and love to you sweet Mada.”

Jollean Sandwell Schantz

“With my present stress level, I don’t know how I would have coped
without Mada’s insight and depth of knowledge. Thank you so much. I’m blown away by how refreshed I feel right now.”

Beau Sumel

“I’ve been on what I thought was a spiritual path seeking for many, many years and reading numerous books on consciousness, but still felt stuck. After participating in the 10 day Intensive and experiencing Mada’s healing method some very unconscious layers came to the surface. As a result, I also came closer to discovering who I truly am. I feel like I’m seeing the world with new eyes and I have an awareness in my body, especially the lower chakras, that I have never experienced before. I want to share how absolutely amazing Mada and her work is. I feel fortunate with all of my being—what a gift I’ve given myself in working with Mada!”

Kari Hietanen
Manager of Financial Planning Services

“As a result of the Intensive with Mada I feel more powerful, more peaceful and more centered. I feel confident that I can let the rest of the high blood pressure medications go! I was surprised how much younger my body feels, in spite of the back pain. Mada has empowered me, encouraged me and loved me. She is just fantastic and I will be eternally grateful.”

Doreen Venn
82-years young

“I speak for all the students of Mada’s course when I say I feel fortunate indeed to have met and studied under a person such as her, who so generously shared the light of her own spiritual nature with us. I count Mada as one of those few people I have come across along the way who has made a difference in my life.”

Gerald F. Wilson

“I have experienced silence through Vipassana meditation, but somehow the stillness I experienced through it was dull. Because of the the Osho Active Meditations and the way Mada teaches them, I can see that this void is full of energy, and the stillness is not dead, but full of life and full of joy.”

Ryosuke Suganami, M.M. (Master of Music), Japan

“I do not have words to thank you for the transformation the Intensive has brought about. My back pain is gone! After 10 years! Thank you so very, very much.”

Mokua Gichuru

“The Healing into Consciousness Intensive is like a spiritual boot camp: a great way to reach understanding about emotions or reactions and move through them.”

“The Intensive seems like a lot of hard work, but just in a matter of days you can perhaps learn as much as you can learn in a lifetime… I had been meditating for five years, but what I was getting was so little…all those five years of meditating were helpful to me, but what I learned in five years was just a fraction from what I learned in only one day of Mada’s Intensive and the Osho Dynamic Meditation.”

“The Intensive is like therapy and meditation fast forward. It is a lot of work, but worth it. It is a step towards freedom, freedom from everything that holds you down and prevents you from knowing and being who you are.”

“The Intensive is like taking a short cut. With the combination of the Osho Dynamic Meditation and Mada’s guidance you can accomplish in 10 days what might otherwise take years of counseling. I was really depressed, but since the Intensive I have had no more depression and I am feeling steady… This process, more than anything else, has made a profound change in my life.”

“If you really want to know who you are and want to let-go, it is the fastest process I know of.”

“You can talk about your problems, and the things that you feel hold you back. But with this process, you actually experience those things, and then are able to truly let them go. The changes are from within, and lasting.”

“I have and would again and again recommend this process to others. It allows for individual differences and growth. It encourages people to discover their beliefs and truths for themselves. It is not for the weak at heart but heartily pays off for those who have the will to do their work.”

“Before doing the Intensive and the Osho Dynamic Meditation I had fibromyalgia, I was stressed mentally and emotionally, had insomnia and felt very unhappy. The Intensive changed my life. Now I feel good in my body, happy to be alive, and I sleep like a log.”

“I would greatly recommend this Intensive process with Mada because it can quickly and dramatically transform you and your life if you give it your all. This process will bring you into greater alignment with your soul, let you see your soul, and get on with enjoying life!”

“There isn’t anything else like it that is offered and compares to this process. I’ll recommend it in a heartbeat!”

“The Intensive with Mada is like a focused, concentrated therapy — very powerful and life-changing.”

“It is an amazing process! For the first time I experienced and understood what it really means to feel the fear and not run away from it. Yahoo! Thank you so very much Mada!”

“It is hard work and many layers are exposed during the process… It is like many sessions of healing work condensed into 10 days. It speeds up the process a big notch!”

“The Intensive has helped to give me more awareness about myself. It has given me a chance to go into feelings I would normally avoid.”

“The wide effects of doing the Intensive: I worry less and have more fun. I gained more self-confidence and started accepting myself as I am.”

“I felt a sense of freedom…this was the only place where I felt I could be totally myself.”

“This is a unique method, hard work, and MOST valuable. Life changing!”

“As a result of this process I am more open to others, more accepting of myself and of what life is offering.”

“I find this process to be an incredible method to move things through the body and develop awareness, let go, and consequently live in more freedom. It is a powerful, fast working technique and doing it in a group setting helps the energy to intensify. Having Mada’s guidance further pushes the limits. You can experience very powerful and transformative moments that can shift your life dramatically.”

“I am able to let things go much faster, as well as recognize moments when I feel I am compromising myself, and instead say NO! I feel more joy in my life!”

“This process helped me be more in my body than ever before.”

“I feel I have much more self-confidence now and don’t care much about others’ opinions of me. I feel more free to be who I am, whatever that may be.”

“I feel that I now understand what it means to surrender and trust. I also have a much deeper awareness of how my mind works.”

“By learning to let go and surrender I am able to enjoy my work more in situations where decisions are outside of my sphere of influence. A deeper sense of innocence has allowed me to be more simple and focus on my talents without getting caught up in ego dramas.”

“I am still (six months later) so grateful for the last Intensive, and the light it shed on my behavior patterns.”

“It’s been very powerful for me to have a welcoming place to expose my darkness.”

“I realized this whole process for me was about ‘self-responsibility’.”

“Because of you Mada it’s the most powerful laboratory for growing awareness that I have ever encountered!”

“Thank you Mada, I am so grateful to this process. You are an amazing teacher. I’ve only felt this gratitude before regarding India. This 21 day process and India have been my greatest learning experiences.”

“It is a safe and supportive environment to work through challenges. It’s an opportunity to push the fear aside and start living, finding your power, becoming aware. And besides it’s fun!”

“I can’t describe in all the ways how Mada’s influence has helped me in my personal progress. I started working with her almost 5 years ago, and in retrospect I would have never started the journey and continued it without her. Sometime she ‘hits’ hard, and sometimes she gives so much love… it is impossible to stop working on myself.”

“I am always surprised that whenever I would be feeling so glum and each time I sit in Mada’s presence I simply feel bathed in kindness and love and compassion. Everything seems possible when I sit with her.”