7 & 10 Day Retreats to Deepen Your Self-Awareness & Expand Your Consciousness

We can avoid unnecessary suffering, and move through the stages of our ego's development faster, if we embrace every opportunity to know our true Self.
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Whether it is your first or tenth retreat with Mada, you are always in for a surprise in how much deeper you can go inside and expand your consciousness.

The spontaneaous nature of these retreats are always refreshing and exciting welcome to all the participants.


These life-changing retreats are for those who are ready to transform multiple layers of unconscious patterns, and accelerate their journey to awakening.


In an intimate and nurturing environment you will practice with many self-healing Dalian Method sessions, Osho active meditations, and receive Mada’s bull’s eye guidance.


During the retreats you will have many opportunities to address your fears, free your body and energy from layers of repressed unconscious belief patterns, open your heart, and discover a master key for how to live your life without compromising your inner truth. You will gain clarity on many issues, strengthen your ability to watch and dis-identify from your thoughts and emotions, and experience the peaceful stillness of your being.


You will also meet new friends, take time to relax and rejuvenate, dance and celebrate, and let your body and soul heal in a joyful and loving environment of like-minded seekers.

Skills you will learn during the retreat:

• How to identify and dissolve the causes of energetic blockagess and personal challenges

• How to detoxify your body from repressed thoughts, emotions, and self-sabotaging beliefs

• How to awaken your inner power, authentic voice, and creativity

• How to ground your consciousness in your body

• Steps you need to take to manifest your gifts and potential in the world





Note: For those who are interested in becoming Dalian Method Coaches and Facilitators this retreat satisfies one of the pre-requisites. For full details on the Self Healing Dalian Method Teacher Training click here.