Personal Mentoring Tele-Class

When you learn to trust yourself you begin to trust others and existence. Instead of trying to fight with or repressing your fears and insecurities try to understand and transform their causes.
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Whether you have questions about your health and would like to know the root cause of your ailments, or you are looking to find a direction to focus on to solve your life challenges, the Personal Mentoring Tele-Class with Mada will give you bull’s eye answers and guidance on how you can help yourself.

During the Tele-Class you can:

• Ask any question about your health, personal struggles, or relationship issues

• Receive guidance from Mada that is applicable to your individual needs

• Gain clarity on how to use the Dalian Method and Active Meditations to take your healing and transformation into your own hands.

The tele-class is in a Q & A format. Ask your individual question and hear Mada answers to other people’s questions.



Limited to enrolment. Please register early.

See Calendar of Events for upcoming dates.


[toggle title=”How long is the Personal Mentoring Tele-Class?”]The Tele-Class is typically between 1 to 2 hours long. The length of the call depends on how long it takes for Mada to address each person’s question.

[toggle title=”Would I be able to speak with Mada directly?”]Absolutely! During the call you have an opportunity to speak with Mada and ask your question. She will identify the root cause of what is blocking your energy and creating your health issues or life challenges. She will then give you specific guidance and direction on how you can transform what is unconscious in your energy into clarity, strength, and consciousness.

If you are experiencing health challenges or are struggling in any area of your life, the Personal Mentoring Tele-Class is a wonderful way to focus your attention in a direction that will help to catapult your transformation and save you valuable time and energy.

[toggle title=”How do I connect to the Tele-Class?”]You will be calling a US-based conference number. You can call from your phone or Skype. If you do not have a long distance plan on your phone we recommend getting a Skype long distance plan, which you can use from anywhere in the world via your internet.



Space is limited, please register early!