Workshops for Children

Children are already aware and conscious by nature. They need to be encouraged to look inside themselves for answers, understand their own thoughts and emotions, and trust their inner voice and uniqueness. This is how they will become secure, balanced, and happy adults, and find and live their true life purpose.”
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The Workshops for Children offered by Mada Eliza Dalian are designed to help children learn how to connect with their individuality and inner strength, build self-esteem and self-confidence, learn to hear and trust their inner voice, improve their learning ability, and feel good about their own unique gifts.


These workshops fill a neglected component in our education system of teaching children how to look inside themselves and find answers within. They incorporate self-awareness exercises, playful educational activities and active meditation techniques to foster self-trust, confidence, independence, and self-responsibility. In an environment of unconditional love and support children are
encouraged to release any insecurities that are impeding expression of their true self. They are reminded of their own inner knowing and supported in allowing their innate creativity and wisdom to flourish.

Your child will learn how to:

• Gain greater awareness and understanding of themselves

• Express their emotions in a healthy way

• Build self-confidence, inner strength, and learn to stand up for themselves

• Look inside themselves for answers and trust their inner voice

• Enjoy school subjects they normally feel challenged with

• Tap into their inner peace and silence and remember how to return to it at will

• Connect with the power of their imagination and learn to use it to create a joyful and abundant life for themselves



Please check the Calendar of Events page for upcoming workshop dates, locations, and fees.