How the Dalian Method Works

Only in our thoughts is there happiness and unhappiness, right and wrong, birth and death. When we stay identified with the ever changing play of opposites that only exists in the mind, we fail to see what is permanent – the eternal presence of our being. As we get closer and closer to our being, we gradually move away from the duality of the mind and transform our pain and suffering into self-empowered consciousness in the Now.
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The Dalian Method Accelerates the Journey to Health and Wholeness

The Dalian Method™ (DM) accelerates healing of the body, mind, and spirit interconnection by identifying, bringing to the surface, and releasing the precise thought patterns and emotions that have been imprinted in the body and energy for years and even lifetimes. Working with breath, out loud verbal expression, Yin/Yang (female/male) energy polarities, the chakra system, the head, knees, and feet simultaneously, DM helps to transform the underlying causes of fear, self-doubt, anger, insecurity, chronic pain, and disease. It helps to bring forth the inner light of consciousness to help you realize that life’s challenges such as loss, illness, and death, are only opportunities to liberate your soul from limiting beliefs and conditionings. DM helps you let go of your fear of making mistakes, accept yourself as you are, and understand that you are in charge of your own life.

To achieve permanent healing and transformation, the Dalian Method works with the following core principles:

1. Our beliefs are created from the conclusions we make about our life experiences.

2. Many unexpressed layers of thoughts, emotions, and beliefs are repressed in the body and energy. These repressions run as invisible programs blocking the energy flow through the body and causing pain and suffering.

3. Consciousness is the master key that dismantles the unconscious beliefs and emotions and permanently erases the causes of physical, mental, and emotional ailments.

As the body detoxifies from layers of repressed fear, anger, and hurtful negative emotions and belief patterns, your inner consciousness spontaneously comes to the forefront and helps you dis-identify from your judgments and negative emotions. With the repressed thought patterns and emotions released from the body, your energy begins to freely move again. This opens the neuropathways in the body and awakens the body’s ability to heal itself. The light of consciousness and the unobstructed energy flow through the body restores the natural health of the organs, opens the heart and frees the tremendous power it contains to heal the past and expand consciousness. With a sense of liberation from the past you understand why things happened the way they did, and transform blame, negative judgments and emotions into love, compassion, and gratitude for people and challenges you had experienced. You experience the silent presence of your being and realize that you have the strength and power to live your life as you choose. You forgive yourself and others for all the mistakes and open to new possibilities that life is waiting to offer you.

A Liberation Process that Everyone Should Experience

After the Dalian Method session with Mada, deep set anxiety, loneliness and depression miraculously lifted to reveal overwhelming peace and a sense of joy in being alive! I feel for the first time in my life a sense of connection to a grounded authentic me, mysteriously transformed and “tuned in” to a new frequency… I feel this is a liberation process that everyone should experience, to free themselves from their own mind-made prison.
testo01 Kindi Gill
ACA management consultant and mother of 3

My whole body, arms, hands, legs and feet were vibrating with energy.

In my yoga practice, or during acupuncture or massage sessions I have experienced small openings and energy movements in my body, but they were nothing like what I experienced during Mada’s session. My whole body, arms, hands, legs and feet were vibrating with energy. I felt an opening and expanding like I had never felt before. My fears which have been holding me down for a long time seemed to have vanished, and I felt joy and excitement rushing though my whole body about my life and vast possibilities which are waiting for me to explore.
testo01 Sandra S. musician
song writer


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In 2009, due to increasing demand in her services, Mada developed the self-healing version of the Dalian Method to help people take advantage of the power of the Dalian Method and use it as a self-healing modality. Today, the Dalian Method is practiced by people around the world and is used by councilors, psychologists, doctors, yoga teachers, and alternative health care practitioners for their own transformation.


Currently Mada offers only a limited number of private sessions. For booking information please refer to book a session page.


The Process of Healing & Transformation with the
Dalian Method™