How the Dalian Method Complements and Goes Beyond Other Healing Modalities

Excerpted from: Healing the Body & Awakening Consciousness with the Dalian Method: An Advanced Self-Healing System for a New Humanity

By emphasizing what sets the Dalian Method apart, I do not intend to discredit other healing modalities or their practitioners. I believe that all methods are useful and serve people where they are on their journey of evolution. However, if we are to advance our healthcare delivery, the limitations of other methods must be acknowledged and overcome.

Body-oriented healing practices, such as allopathic medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic, naturopathy, and different types of bodywork primarily focus on eradicating physical symptoms. Though they may acknowledge psycho-emotional components of disease and illness, they don’t directly work with the beliefs repressed in the body’s cellular memory. As mentioned earlier, the conventional medical model does not encourage or guide people to look inside and discover what their body is trying to tell them about the lessons they need to learn to evolve spiritually and find the true health of their inner being.


DM goes beyond body-oriented practices by recognizing that although two people may be diagnosed with the same illness and exhibit similar symptoms, the root cause(s) of their ailments are different, just as their DNAs and individual journeys are different.


DM first identifies the causes of each person’s individual symptoms and then helps to systematically dismantle the energetic blockages caused by layers of repressed belief patterns and associated emotions from the body and energy.


DM brings forth the light of inner consciousness, which spontaneously and permanently transforms the unconscious beliefs that cause energetic blockages, pain, and ailments
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Mind-oriented healing practices, such as psychology, psychiatry, and counseling, focus on investigating the person’s psycho-emotional state. They rarely work with the body or try to identify the causes of psychological problems in the body. Mind-oriented practices rely primarily on the person’s ability to intellectually understand, and do something about their fears, insecurities, depression, anger, low self-esteem, and lack of self-confidence. They attempt to help people change their negative thinking and behavior patterns into positive and socially acceptable thoughts and behavior. They usually use mood-altering medications to suppress undesirable symptoms instead of transforming them. This approach of using the mind (or medication) to deal with psycho-emotional challenges that are created by the mind in the first place, keeps people in a perpetual loop of unconsciousness and prevents them from dissolving the core beliefs that undermine their health and happiness.


DM goes beyond mind-oriented practices by bypassing the mind and working directly with the unconscious beliefs repressed in the body.


Instead of trying to substitute negative beliefs with positive ones or using the cognitive mind to explore and analyze self-sabotaging dysfunctional behavior patterns, DM unleashes the memory of past painful experiences, allowing what is trapped in the body to be freely lived, released, and transformed.
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As a result of clearing your energy from repressed memories and associated emotions and beliefs DM helps you connect to your inner power and strength, break your identification with your ego-mind, and realize that you are not helpless or wounded. It helps you understand that you are free and your survival does not depend on the treatment, acceptance, love, or opinions of others. DM helps you become aware of your breath and effortlessly be present in the Now.


Spirit-oriented healing practices, such as faith, shamanistic, and psychic healing, depend on someone else conducting the healing. Though these are helpful and appropriate when needed, in most cases they do not teach people self-responsibility and how to find answers that are already within them. In general, they fail to help people recognize that most of their ailments and life challenges carry lessons (not misfortunes) that need to be understood and transformed into consciousness.


DM goes beyond spirit-oriented practices by helping to ignite your consciousness and accelerate your journey to awakening. DM helps you break old karmic chains that have kept you in pain and suffering and realize that others have been simply mirroring back what you needed to see and transform within yourself. DM helps you transcend your fear of death and the unknown and understand that you are not your ego identity but a pure consciousness that can never be separated from existence.


DM helps you transform the illusion of life and death and relax into the blissful silence of your eternal being.
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