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Mada Eliza Dalian is a world-renowned luminary and a scientist of the human condition. She is known to many as a mystic, a human X-Ray machine, a master-healer, and a Zen Master.

Mada has shared her infinite wisdom in an award-winning best-selling book In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness, has created several active meditation techniques, and above all, created the groundbreaking Dalian Method – a completely new, stand-alone technique for healing and awakening, which is not derived from any other known healing modality.

The light-speed Dalian Method is Mada’s unmatched contribution to humanity. As a self-resized mystic, Mada brings a fresh new perspective on how healing and personal transformation can be achieved in a fraction of the time that it usually takes with other healing or meditation methods. This unique healing technique is offered in the award-winning book and 2 CD set, Healing the Body & Awakening Consciousness with the Dalian Method: An Advanced Self-Healing System for a New Humanity.

With her passion to help children and teens to find their inner strength and unique gifts early on in life, Mada has also created versions of the Dalian Method for children and teens. She travels internationally offering private sessions, workshops, retreats, online courses, and Self-Healing Dalian Method coach and facilitator trainings.

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Healing the Body & Awakening Consciousness with the Dalian Method: An Advanced Self-Healing System for a new Humanity (book and 2CD set)


 ISBN: 978-0973877359

The set includes a 188-page book with color illustrations, workbook, case studies, research findings, FAQs, and 2 CDs with 98 and 74 minute versions of the self-healing Dalian Method session.


An Evolutionary Self-Healing System of the Future


In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness


Recipient of Seven Book Awards Offers a Blue Print for Spiritual Growth and Transformation of the Self, the Society, and the Planet.


Book ISBN: 978-0-9738773-3-5
eBook ISBN: 978-0-9738773-4-2

Trade paper with flaps, 304 pages


Eliza Mada Dalian emerges as a powerful new voice in the fields of spirituality, energy medicine and personal transformation 


Book Launch: A Must Read Book for Spiritual Healing and Personal Growth, PR Web


A New Book Expands on A New Earth: Another Vancouver Author takes Eckhart Tolle’s Concepts a Couple of Steps Further


First Annual Living Now Book Awards Promote Books for Better Living


• A Step-by-Step Guidebook to Awaken Your Inner Master



No-Yes Active Meditation


Transform Stress, Anger and Pain into Health and Happiness in just 60 minutes


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Story Ideas


• New Age traps for spiritual seekers

• Five common mistakes that keep people stuck in their mind and emotions

• Five reasons why people don’t heal

• Meditation: the first and last frontier

Why spiritual evolution must be part of technological evolution if we are to survive as species

Bridging the gap between the alternative and allopathic healing practices

• Five fundamental keys for lasting happiness in personal and work life

• What is consciousness and what part it play in health?

• Who we are, where do we come from, where do we go when we die?


Topics for Speaking Engagements

• Self-help tools of the future to bridge the gap between the inner and outer worlds
• Health & personal tTransformation at home and in the workplace
• Bridging the gap between the Alternative and Allopathic healing practices
• The role of consciousness in the process of healing
• Creativity and inner strength are interconnected fundamentals for living a balanced life




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• Excerpts


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Book Reviews”]

A Miraculous Map to Enlightenment, Book Review by Hunt Henion, Practical Spirituality Examiner
Evolving Beings, Book Review by Evita Ochel
Journey into Consciousness, by Jeanette J. Jennis, The US Review of Books
Evolutionary Mystic Post, Book Review
Branches of Light, News & Reviews from Banyen Books & Sound, Editor’s Choice #32, March 2008
Shared Vision Magazine,Editors Pick, October 2008
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The Chakras & Spiritual Growth, Book Review by Ellis Nelson
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