No-Yes Meditation


Throughout life we continually say ‘Yes’ to people and situations when actually, we feel like saying ‘No.’ When we repress our true feelings, we create inner stress and stop ourselves from living authentically and experiencing life fully.


If you have felt like saying ‘No’ but kept saying ‘Yes’ over and over again because you were afraid to be impolite, hurt other people’s feelings, or be rejected, the No-Yes Active Meditation can help you to quickly and safely release your pent up negative emotions and transform them into authentic “Yes” to yourself, others, and life.

The No-Yes meditation will help you understand the contradictory nature of your mind and emotions and experience the peaceful silence of your being.

The No-Yes meditation can also heal years of missed opportunities to live in love and enjoy what life has to offer. Even occasional practice with this powerful technique will help you to feel good about yourself, others, and life!

The music on the CD is specifically designed to bring to the surface the repressed emotions from the body’s cellular memory and transform them into higher vibration of understanding, love, forgiveness, and compassion for yourself and others.


Use the No – Yes Meditation to:

• Detoxify your body of repressed  stress, anxiety, sadness, fear, and anger

• Dissolve the energetic blockages that cause depression, pain, and illness

• Heal old wounds

• Purify the seven energy centers (chakras)

• Change your body’s molecular structure

• Build self-confidence

• Build healthy boundaries

• Heighten your energetic frequency

• Experience inner peace and presence in the Now!

Note: The No-Yes meditation is an ideal tool for anger management consultants, counsellors and psychologists when recommending self-help tools to their clients or working in a group setting.

What Others are Saying About the No Yes:

Each time I do the self-healing Dalian Method or facilitate a session, I am in awe how Mada created such a genius, precise, and magical tool. The Self Healing Dalian Method is going to be part of people's lives, just like massage, and will help to balance their life. What a gift to humanity!    

Belinda D'Mellow
DM Facilitator

“I found the “no” very powerful. At first it was difficult, I had a hard time breathing, and experienced some coughing, as if I was expelling years of “crap,” that happened to me in my life. It was extremely profound and freeing. The No-Yes meditation brings you in touch with your body and what’s happening in the here and now.”

Judy Nagy

“I love the No-Yes Meditation… I actually re-experienced my whole birth. My mother was knocked out on chloroform. I was pulled out by forceps and slapped on the butt. Then I was bottle fed, and never bonded with my mother… I was able to change all that in the ‘Yes’ part. It was wonderful!”

Sheila Gail
Radio host

“I felt a tremendous release of pain and emotions that were in my body. I felt a lot of heaviness was released from my body and mind. Thank you for an amazing experience.”

Paul Molund

“The NO-YES Active Meditation is a powerful tool and safe vehicle for working through layers to access once again our authentic self connecting to our original purpose, our unique essence. As a practitioner teaching 100′s how to meditate, this technique is ‘the definitive’ fast track as a direct link to joy. Finally!”

Wanda Mae Anderson
Meditation Instructor