Dalian Method – A Unique Approach

Health is a state of consciousness. It has nothing to do with age, illness or even the health of the body or mind. Whether you are aware of it or not, every step you take towards healing is a step towards consciousness. Everything you do in life is part of your healing journey towards discovering the ultimate health of your being.
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The Dalian Method Identifies and Erases the Causes of Pain and Ailments Instead of Treating the Symptoms

Most commonly practiced body-oriented (allopathic medicine, acupuncture, and different types of bodywork), mind-oriented (psychology, psychiatry, and counseling), and spirit-oriented (faith, shamanic, and psychic) healing systems, though helpful and necessary in improving human conditions, they primarily treat the symptoms of ailments instead of their causes. The Dalian Method™ (DM) primarily focuses on treating the causes of the physical and psychological ailments. It ensures that the causes have been permanently eliminated and transformed in the body, mind, and spirit as a whole.


Healing of the human body might be called a growth in consciousness. True healing is always an adventure in consciousness leading to new understandings.
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Consciousness – the Master Key for Permanent Healing and Transformation

DM views consciousness as the fundamental core of health and wholeness and adds the dimension of consciousness in the healing process of physical and psychological problems. DM understands that the healing of the body, mind, and spirit is a by-product of transformation from unconsciousness into consciousness. It uncovers the original state of purity and innocence of the embodied life force or soul, before it was programmed with layers of beliefs and conditionings. As a result of healing with DM, the soul becomes self-aware and the body naturally restores the damaged DNA into its natural form.

DM is a powerful means of clearing core issues and helping you experience

DM is a powerful means of clearing core issues and helping you experience a new level of consciousness. There is nothing else like it!
testo01 Annemarie Gockel
PhD Psychologist

The Dalian Method Grounds Consciousness in the Entire Body

In order for healing to be permanent, consciousness needs to be fully grounded in the entire body. The Dalian Method solidly grounds your newly gained clarity and awareness in your entire body from head to feet. Consequently, as the light of consciousness occupies your entire body, it transforms the old self-sabotaging beliefs and erases the causes of pain, anxiety, and fear of survival and the unknown. Your consciousness fully grounded in your body helps you find your inner purpose and begin living your life fully in the Now.


Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.
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The Dalian Method Helps You Find Answers Within Yourself

The Dalian Method helps you experience the inner truth of your being and understand that your being is always healthy and whole, and it can never die. Healing with DM helps you truly know that all your problems are temporary and they have only been created by life circumstances to help you learn your lessons and find the peace, silence, and abundant possibilities hidden in your own being.


Through the process of healing into consciousness with the Dalian Method you experience your inner clarity and strength and realize that no one can prevent you from living your life freely and according to your own inner truth and calling. You relax into yourself and become more accepting of yourself and others. You let go of the past hurtful memories, insecurity, blame, and anger and free your energy from fear, judgments, and self-imposed beliefs. You learn how to find the answers within yourself, begin to take charge of your own life, and become excited about what life has in store for you.

One of the most powerful methods!

In my journey I have come across many different facilitators and modalities of inner work. The Dalian Method is without a doubt one of the most powerful methods I have experienced when it comes to personal transformation. It has allowed me to reach into depths of my psyche that I didn’t even know existed.
testo01 Mateo Tabatabai
Bestselling author of The Mind-Made Prison

Truly Inspiring and Transformational Work, which is Critically Important for the World Now!

What a difference I feel in my being since my session with Mada and her method. A deeper sense of peace has settled into my core self and I feel a sense of freedom and lightness I have not felt before. I am now in a place where I can be with what is with compassion and joy instead of fear. This is a truly inspiring and transformational work, which is critically important for the world now!
testo01 Brenda Michaels
Host of the Conscious Talk Radio

Most Powerful Work I’ve Experienced

Mada’s work is pure, without the ”Guru and student” dynamics whatsoever! I have been a truth seeker for over 15 years and this is the most powerful work I’ve experienced. I have not come across any other work that brings you into higher consciousness and healing like this method does!
testo01 Lorraine Bessonmusician
song writer

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In 2009, due to increasing demand in her services, Mada developed the self-healing version of the Dalian Method to help people take advantage of the power of the Dalian Method and use it as a self-healing modality. Today, the Dalian Method is practiced by people around the world and is used by councilors, psychologists, doctors, yoga teachers, and alternative health care practitioners for their own transformation.


Currently Mada offers only a limited number of private sessions. For booking information please refer to book a session page.