“I enjoyed reading Mada’s book. It has the ring of authenticity and offers a simple and elegant map of the path of enlightenment.”

~ Deepak Chopra

This multi-award-winning best-selling book is a step-by-step guidebook to everyone’s journey of healing and transformation from fear, pain, and suffering into enlightened consciousness.

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In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness is a recipient of Seven Book Awards in 2009 and 2010: the Nautilus Award, as a book that can change the world, the Living Now Book of the Year Award, recognizing the year’s very best lifestyle books that help readers attain healthier, more fulfilling and productive lives, the Eric Hoffer Award, recognizing excellence in independent publishing, a finalist in the Indie Books, Indie Excellence, the National Best Book Awards, and the International Book Awards.


The Practical Meets the Profound

Mada’s masterpiece – In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness – is rare book amongst a growing pool of ‘spiritual’ or ‘new age’ publications. Mada has clearly written her book with a determination to offer practical guidance to people navigating the spiritual journey. Miraculously, the practical is beautifully wed to the profound throughout this cleanly organized and poignant book. Compassionately, Mada takes the reader step by step through every aspect of the soul’s journey; offering priceless guidance for every stage. For example, she counters commonly held, derogatory views of the ‘ego’ through her detailed description of the role of the ego and the stages of its development and healing. I have never read a more useful spiritual book in my life! This book is not just about savouring ideas, it’s about delving into action. And not wild, desperate or random action; deliberate action; informed and encouraged by a truly greater spiritual teacher; a mystic with a vision for a new humanity. Thank you Mada Eliza Dalian, you are a beacon of consciousness!

I enjoyed reading Mada's book, In Search of the Miraculous: Healing Into Consciousness. It has the ring of authenticity and offers a simple and elegant map of the path of enlightenment.
~ Deepak Chopra  Click To Tweet

For anyone interested in learning about the state of enlightenment and achieving it, Mada’s book is essential reading.
~ Jerry Gin Ph.D, Biochemist, Director, Foundation for Mind Being Research Click To Tweet

In the many years of knowing Eliza Mada Dalian personally, I have come to appreciate and honor her as a deep, courageous, and mystical soul. This book reflects her qualities in such a way that it can be a guiding light on the spiritual path.
~ Deva Premal international recording artist Click To Tweet

The concepts covered in this book take the concepts covered in Eckhart Tolle’s books a couple of notches further. I am quite excited about this book because there is a lot of new material to integrate into my toolkit of understanding, which to me doesn’t happen very often. It feels like a new door opening and a whole bunch of work is now possible.
~ Dr. Dorle Kneifel, M.D.  Click To Tweet

This book is absolutely loaded with wonderful content, clearly expressed, and very, very helpful. It is for serious people who are committed to their personal and spiritual growth.
~ Constance Kellough publisher, Namaste Publishing, and author of The Leap: Are You Ready to Live a New Reality? Click To Tweet

For those who seek enlightenment, this book is a sparkling jewel. Bursting with specific exercises and extraordinary meditations to help heal individual blockages, the book is supremely practical. I found it to be both a thought-provoking mind feast and a step-by-step roadmap to healing. Eliza Mada Dalian belongs right alongside Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie as a master teacher. I will use her book for a long time to come.
~ L. Elstrom Ashville,NC Click To Tweet

There are many books that I get across my desk, and many of them are amazing, but every once in a while I get a book that is extraordinary, and this [In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness] is one of those books... There is going to come a day when we are not going to talk about healing as miraculous. Though we are not there yet, thanks to the work of Eliza Mada Dalian, her book, and her healing method that day will come much quicker! This groundbreaking healing method that Mada has created is for everyone...
~ Dr. Pat Baccili The Dr. Pat Show Click To Tweet

Thank you Mada for being a conduit for this truly inspiring and transformational work. Your work is critically important for the world now...!
~ Brenda Michaels Conscious Talk Radio Click To Tweet

If you want to discover how to live as a fully conscious being in the world while simultaneously undertaking your spiritual journey, In Search of the Miraculous, a multi-award winner, contains the signposts to follow
~ Jeanette J. Jennis US Review of Books Click To Tweet

This is a wonderful book and much needed for the world. In this book, Eliza Mada Dalian has carefully covered all the bases of human spiritual growth and transformation. She makes a lot of very insightful observations about how the human mind works and the frustration we create for ourselves with the ego. I highly recommend this book with its clear, engaging instruction and straightforward presentation of spiritual insights. This book is full of kindness, love, blessings, and soul: It will open your heart! It would be a worthy addition to the collection of anyone interested in the spiritual journey and learning to bring the mind and thoughts into the NOW!
~ Dr. Tracy Austin Ph.D Click To Tweet

This book is a beautiful guide to awakening to your higher consciousness. Eliza Mada Dalian explains in a beautiful way what awakening/ enlightenment means and by describing her own awakening one gets a really rare view into the state of an awakened being. Never have I read before such a detailed description of what self-realization means, including all the emotions and thoughts etc. The beautiful meditations can be a guide to start the inner journey to healing into consciousness. I love this book! thank you, Mada!
~ Theresa Weisskircher  Click To Tweet

This is a book not to be missed by those who want to start their search for liberation from fear and pain. Just reading it is a healing experience in itself. It’s a step-by-step guide to the journey into consciousness. The author explains things in such a simple and clear way that it is impossible not to understand. This is a book not to be missed also by those who are already on their way to self-realization because it helps them to take a further step towards the miraculous.
~ Anna Amendolagine  M.A. Cultural Heritage, freelance journalist Click To Tweet

This book is among the most spiritually powerful, inspiring, and fulfilling books I have ever read. It provided me with incredible wisdom and insight on the practical steps I need to take to connect with my true self and live a life of lasting and unshakable joy. Applying these steps to my own life has instigated profound personal growth and transformation. This book will be an extremely valuable tool for anyone embarking on their spiritual journey with sincerity and dedication. Mada Dalian revisits the same essential message from many angles, providing a sustenance beyond the words that makes me want to read the book again and again.
~ Stephanie Walker BA Psychology Click To Tweet

The author takes us on a healing journey through her poetic descriptions of the human and spiritual experience and her clear, precise directions on how to use this human incarnation, with all of its pain and suffering, for spiritual awakening. The book is beautifully written, inspiring, and practical at the same time. Mada Dalian gives sophisticated abstract principles interspersed with daily life exercises, meditations, and insightful questions and answers between her and her students. This book will delight anyone looking for an integrated, grounded, and sometimes surprising approach to spiritual growth.
~ Brenda Dyer  MA English Literature (Oxford), MA Psychology (UBC), PhD Counseling Psychology (UBC). Click To Tweet

A timely and profoundly helpful book for anyone who is ready to transform their life. Reading the book is a meditation and a practice unto itself. I repeatedly experienced a deep vastness and silence that the words seemed to effortlessly float upon.The book is compassionately written with a deep reverence for that which cannot be expressed and yet powerfully points our awareness to it. I found myself looking forward to sitting down with the book every day and enjoying the centering effect it had on me. Mada’s telling of her story through her many lives is most inspirational. Reading it gave me understanding, hope, and encouragement for my own journey. It is exciting to read something that is such a beacon of transformation, healing, and consciousness.
~ Jennifer Anderson mental health worker Click To Tweet

…I found Mada's book like a precious mini-encyclopedia. Everyone ranging from a newbie to an advanced person on his/her journey to consciousness can find wealth of information and get some real insight. I always prefer books which give you practical exercises to overcome your personal problems. I think Mada had done a great job in this respect by providing various, easy-to-apply techniques. The knowledge provided throughout the book is VERY original as well as realistic since it does not resemble any other book falling under the same category. I really enjoy the format of the book; it is written in a way that it may relate to anyone who is on their search of their own truth. I wonder how she was able to explain such complicated, hard-to-grasp concepts in such a plain way! Also I think she is very talented artist in using her words. She speaks very plain yet very thorough/precise- it is really hard to miss anything, she clarifies her concepts so well. I like the Q&A section at the end of the chapters which really complements the important knowledge explained previously…I am quite sure it would be one of my reference books even in a decade's time because as my consciousness would expand I would start to notice concepts and facts that I overlook beforehand or I would just gain deeper insights with each rereading! …Hope to see your book translated into Turkish too !
~ Sibel Gunduz  Click To Tweet

After listening to a podcast of an interview with the author I felt moved to order this book. I've worked as a clinical social worker and in publishing mainstream books…Dalian's “against the grain” notions of how the ego needs to be strengthened in order, paradoxically, to be put aside and her advocacy of saying negative thoughts aloud before an out breath as opposed to repeating mantra-like positive affirmations that do not address unconscious thought forms in the body reflected a spiritual traveler who can think outside the box. The book is outstanding for it's precision, depth, ease, density of information, and uniqueness of format. Dalian leaves her personal odyssey for the ending chapters which showed spiritual humility and works well for those who tend to interpret information in terms of the sender. I'm glad to own the book and will recommend it to others because I think it will age very well will resonate with many.
~ Elise Dennis New York Click To Tweet

Thank you very much for your book in Russian language. I have found it in the supermarket. I was looking for some wear and products there. I was passing by the shelf with books and my eyes stopped on your book. I could not even expect that it will be so great and quick guidance to myself. It helps me at the same time to stay in my heart, see moving thoughts and emotions, to fill silence inside and perceive the existence as it is. Before reading your book I went the same way but slowly. Now it's easier than before to have fun when I see the trouble and negative feelings. I knew that when I have problems and obstacles it teach me. But it was so difficult to pass them. Now I can enjoy it using guidance of my soul and existence. Every day is the travel and I know that existence loves me and prepare a lot of surprises. I'm glad to be here, to see people, to be in relationships, to breath and to be on the Earth!
~ Olga Mukhacheva  Click To Tweet

l stumbled upon Mada’s book at Chapters. I knew instinctively I had to read it! When I opened the book and began reading, I cried. Something inside me knew I was getting close to home and had found a long lost friend; another guide on my journey. Mada and this amazing book was my next step in anchoring me deeper into my true self. I did my first session with Mada less than a week later over the phone, as we both live on opposite coasts. I would have flown there to meet with her if I had to. Her insight into my blocks was monumental as was the technique she used to release these blocks. I have released a lifetime of patterns that no longer serve me. Her gentleness, humor and lightness instantly put me at ease. Mada is a powerful force for transformation. I highly recommend working with her or reading her book.
~ Patricia H.  Click To Tweet

A Step-by-Step Guidebook to Awaken Your Inner Master

In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness is like a mirror that reflects whatever is within us. Every line is a potential arrow that might expose something hidden within our unconsciousness and help us come a step closer to our true Self.
~ Jesse Carliner Editor, MA Eastern Studies Click To Tweet

This seven time award-winning best-selling guidebook is for those who wish to understand what life and their journey here is all about. It is for those who wish to find their inner master and know the steps they need to take to liberate their being from the ego-mind and find spiritual enlightenment. This timeless jewel provides a fresh new perspective on healing, personal development, and living in the Now.

Dalian’s “against the grain” advocacy that the ego needs to be strengthened and healed from its wounded state into a healthy state before it can be surrendered, reflects a spiritual warrior who thinks outside the box. The reader is refreshingly relieved from their personal struggle against the ego as the author reveals its significance and purpose. Step-by-step she compassionately takes us through the seven stages of its development to the point of its final surrender and transformation.

This timeless spiritual classic will help you discover:

• The seven stages of ego’s development
• Practical ways to transform thoughts into consciousness
• Exercises to practice surrendering to what is
• Techniques to dissolve mental and emotional blockages
• How to purify the body and the seven energy points or chakras
• Ways to break through the three veils of illusion
• How to make friends with your inner silence

The author’s personal journey towards awakening and the Q & A sections at the end of each chapter make the topics covered in each chapter more personal and down-to-earth.

Regardless of one’s religious beliefs, this book is a thought-provoking mind feast and an intricate step-by-step road map of the journey to awakening. As a unique guide to living consciously in the now it will delight anyone interested in personal and spiritual transformation from ego into consciousness!

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Experiencing and knowing the being has been called enlightenment, self-realization, liberation, and union with God. I call it healing into consciousness… Like the phoenix that is reborn out of its own ashes, we are healed into consciousness through the fire of our destroyed ego-mind. Healing into consciousness includes both the search and the sudden moment of awakening to the truth that “I am what I have been searching for.”


Health is a state of consciousness. It has nothing to do with age, illness, or even the health of the body or mind. Whether we are aware of it or not, every step we take towards healing is a step towards consciousness. Everything we do in life is part of our healing journey towards the ultimate health of our true nature.

Only consciousness can heal our pain and suffering. Each moment contains an opportunity to awaken from the suffering of the ego-mind into the health of consciousness. Our bodies are full of suppressed thoughts, emotions, fears, desires, insecurities, and judgments. These create and sustain our ego-mind. In our unconsciousness, we keep our identification and attachment to our body, emotions, desires, and the world. Many unconscious thoughts and emotions are stored layer upon layer as patterns hardwired into our body’s cells. These patterns create energetic blocks in the body and cause physical and psychological pain and suffering. We heal into consciousness by peeling away these layers.

Only in our thoughts is there happiness and unhappiness, right and wrong, birth and death. When we stay identified with this ever-changing play of opposites that only exists in our mind, we fail to see what is permanent – the eternal presence of our being. As we get closer and closer to our being, we gradually move away from the duality of the mind and transform the ego into consciousness.

All our physical and psychological ailments point us to where we need to focus our attention so we can transform our energy into consciousness. Usually, we believe that our pain is a misfortune that needs to be fixed, but in fact, all pain (physical, mental, and emotional) is a necessary step towards becoming conscious. When we try to avoid pain, loneliness, and death, we also avoid finding our being.

In a very real way, all our pains are growing pains. When we are ready to heal from an unconscious belief or behavior pattern, we experience symptoms such as pain, anxiety, depression, and ill health. If we try to fix something on the outside instead of trying to find out the cause of our ailments from within, we continue to suffer. When we let go of our identification with who we think we are our body and DNA literally change.Healing into consciousness is the most arduous task that can ever be undertaken. There are many fears, obstacles, and ups and downs along the way. We need courage and trust to face the darkness of our unconscious. If we persevere and stay committed to our awakening, the journey will become easier and we will even begin to enjoy it and be excited by it. No matter how intense our pain and suffering, if we stay devoted to our healing journey, we will undoubtedly come face to face with the miraculous that abides within our own existence


For those of you who are beginning your healing journey consciously, and for those of you who are already on your way, it might be helpful to think of your healing journey as a kind of “school of life,” a process similar to our educational system. The school of life can be divided into seven stages that correspond to Pre-school, Elementary, High School, UndergraduateUniversity, GraduateUniversity, PhD Student, and finally Professor. Unlike the school system, however, this process is not linear, and the stages are not distinct, but rather subtly blend into one another. The stage at which you start your healing journey depends on the level of self-awareness you bring from your previous lives and your understanding of the journey itself. As you progress through the school of life, your awareness of yourself and the world increases and your consciousness expands. Depending on your choices and level of consciousness, you may move through some stages faster than others …


We can only heal into consciousness through witnessing. Witnessing is an alert watchfulness of whatever is happening moment to moment without mental or emotional engagement. In other words, it is the detached, unidentified, and non-judgmental observation of what is. When we experience that we are not our mind, body, and emotions we are in consciousness. The only way to understand this is to observe the body, mind, and emotions.

Through self-observation, we can see that all of our sensations, thoughts, and emotions are impermanent – they always change and move like passing clouds. Seeing their impermanence helps us understand that all our pain and suffering is created by the ego-mind.

All our problems exist because we are unable to witness and disidentify from our thoughts and emotions. When we don’t witness our mind and emotions, we remain caught in the story created by the ego-mind and continue to suffer. When we witness the mind and its story, we realize we are not the story but the observer of the story. When we simply observe our body and its sensations, thoughts, emotions, and everything that happens around us, we are out of the story.

We heal into consciousness with each moment of witnessing and disidentification, no matter how brief. Once we know we are nothing but consciousness, we are healed out of suffering. Our ability to witness is innate. The witness is part of our being. It is with us eternally, even after our bodies die. Even though the witness is always present watching everything coming and going, our awareness goes in and out of it. Witnessing is like a muscle that we need to strengthen through experience and practice. Meditation is the practice.


the path of healing into consciousness, our ego is both the obstacle and the teacher. Anyone desiring healing into consciousness must understand four things about their ego: what it is, its purpose in their spiritual journey, the stages of its development, and how to heal and transcend it …

Like everything in existence, our ego has a purpose. It is like a womb that cradles, nurtures, and protects the body while the energy within it evolves from unconsciousness into consciousness. Our ego is the soil upon which the seed of consciousness germinates, develops, and flowers.

Although all life forms have an instinctual intelligence that maintains their body’s survival, only humans need an ego to protect themselves from unwanted outside influences. Unlike most animals that need a relatively short time to become self-sufficient, it takes a human baby many years to be mature enough to take care of itself.

The ego-mind helps to protect the body from the dangers in the world until consciousness within the being can care of its physical, mental, and spiritual needs. Once there is enough awareness in the body to take responsibility for its own existence, the search for the being begins. With awareness of the being and its oneness with existence, our ego’s purpose is fulfilled and our self-realized consciousness is freed back into the universe to continue its journey through eternity.

We struggle with our ego because we don’t understand its purpose. Just as we need darkness to see light, noise to recognize silence, fullness to understand emptiness, ugliness to appreciate beauty, we need the ego-mind to become conscious of our being. Like the blackboard that illuminates the white letters, our ego provides the background upon which the light of consciousness becomes visible.

Without seeing what is impermanent (the ego-mind), we cannot recognize what is permanent (consciousness). Without the misery and suffering created by the ego-mind, it is impossible to surrender the mind and recognize the bliss of no-mind. The more conscious we become of the fleeting, illusory nature of our ego-mind, the more conscious we become of the everlasting presence of our being.

Understanding the ego’s purpose makes it easier to embrace it instead of suppressing and struggling with it. Condemnation of the ego only delays the development of consciousness and keeps us trapped in the wheel of life and death. Those who accept, embrace, and understand their ego-mind hasten their liberation into consciousness …

… The wounded ego keeps us fearful and small and stops our consciousness from growing. (You’ll recall that as part of the ego’s formation stage, not getting what it wants naturally leads it to feeling wounded.) Unfortunately, most people live their lives in a wounded ego-mind. The wounded ego-mind has a poor self-esteem and image and is full of negative and self-defeating thoughts and emotions. The wounded ego-mind sees itself as a victim and life as a big struggle. When it does not receive unconditional love and acceptance, it thinks others are against it and begins to shrink.

Our wounds inhibit our ego’s development and cause our energy to leak out. Healing is the process of closing the holes created by our wounded ego. Understanding that only a healthy ego can support the growth of consciousness can ultimately lead us to let go of the pain and suffering created by our wounded ego-mind. Healing the wounded ego-mind is part of our spiritual work. Although painful, healing the wounded ego is a necessary part of growth in consciousness.

The beliefs and attitudes that we acquired during our ego’s formation stage determine what we need to heal in the healing stage. Healing happens when we take the responsibility to nurture our ego-mind and give ourselves what we did not receive during our ego’s formation stage. Only a healthy ego-mind is able to take full responsibility for itself and understand the importance of trust and surrender, which are absolutely necessary for taking the leap from mind to no-mind.

The healthy ego-mind has a positive self-identity and embraces life unconditionally. A healthy ego-mind does not judge and blame others but views everything that life brings, including rejection and hardships, as opportunities to learn and grow. It is sincere, generous, trusting, and always able to see life as an opportunity to grow. Although we commonly think of having a healthy, confident ego as boastful, in reality, a healthy ego is the doorway to liberation. To heal our wounded ego-mind we need to travel back through the unconscious history of our soul to the time of birth and into our past lives.


though the Bible says: “In the beginning was the Word,” in reality, in the beginning was Silence. Thought, just like sound, light, and all existing matter, arises out of silent emptiness and returns back into it. In reality, the first thing that comes into existence from within the silence, before any “word” can be uttered, is sound. Everything in creation-, including every cell in our body, is in constant movement. This movement generates the different sound vibrations that, if heard all at once, unify into the sound AUM, or OM. In the East, they have depicted this sound with the symbol . It is possible for us to hear this universal sound in a moment of absolute stillness of the mind or in deep meditation, but, because we are full of thoughts and our energy and attention are scattered in many directions, we don’t hear it.

The “word” or thought is secondary to sound and silence because without sounds and the silent gaps between them, we cannot make out words or thoughts. Before learning to speak and think, the child first learns to make sounds. All animals communicate through sounds. Humans too communicate through sounds, which used in different combinations create different languages. We adopted the idea that the “word” is the beginning of creation because in our forgetfulness of the original silence, which is the source of our being and everything in creation, we identified with language.

In reality, pure silence doesn’t exist except within the still void where all movements cease. What may appear to us as silence is not silence but only the absence of the sounds that we are accustomed to hearing internally or externally. For example, if you are used to living on a noisy street, then go away for the weekend to the country, you become aware of the silence relative to the city noise. Or if you live in the country and are used to the sounds of the birds and crickets, and suddenly those sounds stop, you immediately become aware of the silence all around. In moments like these, you are aware only of the outer sounds and silence but not the sounds and silence that exist within you.

While looking inside or sitting in meditation you become aware of your inner sounds, and realize that in spite of the outer sound or silence, the inner noise of your incessant thoughts continues. When the noise generated by thinking stops, you suddenly become aware of the true silence and wholeness of the being. Spiritually speaking, we define this kind of silence as no-mind. In a way, healing into consciousness is a journey back from thought to sound and then to silence. The deeper we move into our inner silence, the higher we move in consciousness and into the ultimate health of our being …
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