An Easy Home Practice Kit to Improve Every Aspect of Your Life

You are not here to suffer. You are here to experience life, learn from it, and find the ever-lasting presence, love, joy, and creativity hidden in the depth of your being.
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Have you tried allopathic and alternative healing methods, meditation, and positive thinking and your problems still persist?


Are you struggling with health issues, depression, anxiety, or chronic pain?


Are you fed up with tiptoeing around your fears?


Are you prepared to let go of your attachments and welcome a new shift in consciousness?



• Permanently transform physical, emotional, and psychological issues

• Increase  your self-awareness

• Discover parts of yourself that you have ignored, repressed, or did not know existed

• Learn the lessons hidden in your life experiences

• Unleash your inner strength and power

• Experience the silent presence of your being

• Awaken to your divinity and brilliance

• Find your inner joy, creativity and life purpose


Healing the Body & Awakening Consciousness with the Dalian Method: An Advanced Self-Healing System for a New Humanity is a once-in-a-lifetime unique offering that comes at a critical time in the history of humanity. This award-winning book and healing system is one of the most advanced and powerful healing modalities in the world today!


The self-healing Dalian Method comes at a critical time in the history of humanity to help awaken us to our true purpose for being on this planet. The revolutionary Dalian Metho™ (DM) is an advanced technique, which is here to liberate our soul from pain and suffering. It goes beyond the traditional paradigm of healing and is not derived from any known modality. It pioneers a new way of thinking and working with pain, fear, disease, and suffering. Easy to use and adaptable to each person’s individual needs, it helps us take our healing and transformation into our own hands.


Devised by a world-renowned luminary, mystic, award-winning best-selling author, and master of healing and spiritual transformation, Mada Eliza Dalian, the Dalian Method™ provides the fastest way to physical and psychological healing and spiritual transformation. Brilliantly bridging the missing gap between alternative healing modalities, psychology, psychotherapy, counseling, traditional medicine, and spirituality, the Dalian Method includes the essential dimension of consciousness in the process of healing.


Instead of working with the isolated symptoms of physical or psychological issues DM works with the body, mind, emotions, spirit, and consciousness simultaneously as an indivisible organic whole to achieve permanent healing and transformation. Without using body work, medication, mechanical devices, acupuncture needles, hypnosis, or even the intellect, DM goes directly into the imprints hardwired in the body’s cellular memory that cause pain, illness, and psychological problems.


DM – A Master Key for Rapid Healing & Transformation

If you have been working with the symptoms of your ailments (physical or psychological) and they still persist, the self-healing Dalian Method™ (DM) can help you quickly uncover the original repressed thought patterns, beliefs, and emotions that cause your physical or psychological ailments and permanently release them from your body’s cellular memory. It can help to dissolve the energetic blocks and raise the energetic frequency of your body and its ability to heal itself.


Along with helping to heal chronic physical ailments and disease, the self-healing Dalian Method simultaneously helps to transform the root causes of fear, insecurity, anxiety, depression, anger and what is unconscious in your body into inner strength, clarity, and self-empowered consciousness so you can begin living your life according to your own calling – freely and fearlessly.


The Self-Healing DM can also assist in your spiritual evolution by helping you discover parts of yourself that you have ignored, repressed, or didn’t even know existed. Ultimately, it can help you learn many important life-lessons, become your own friend and healer, and uncover your inner truth and radiance.


Also Available for Teens and Children!


The Dalian Method is now also available for teens and children, adding a new dimension on how I t can help thousands of families live a more loving, balanced, and fulfilling lives.


A Lifetime Gift for You and Your Loved Ones!


The Dalian Method is the Holy Grail of all healing modalities.

I had been searching in many places to find a way to help myself. Within minutes of working with the Dalian Method, I felt a deep inner transformation that I could not experience with anything I had read, listened to, or practiced before. What Mada Eliza Dalian has created with the Dalian Method is the Holy Grail of all healing modalities.
testo01 Chental Wilson
Author of Can I Be Me Without Losing You?

The self-healing Dalian Method has the power to influence and shape what will be the dominant alternative healing method over the next two thousand years.

testo01 Albert Sturm
Broadcaster, Filmmaker

Modality of the future!”

The Dalian Method is a self-healing modality of the future that is offered to us today. I know that with the public release of this package, we will see a revolution in how healing is handled.
testo01 Roshani Shay

Once this healing method becomes available to the public I suspect it will transform humanity.

I have been on this spiritual journey for more than a decade and I have come across many things that have helped me grow into consciousness but I feel I hit the jackpot when I was able to experience the Self-Healing Dalian Method. I could feel the shifts happening in me during the healing session and the changes continue to anchor into my body, and these are not minor shifts, they are deep and profound. My experience was that several layers of unconsciousness were transformed, which may have taken quite some time using different healing techniques. It was very rewarding to do this self-healing session and to take responsibility for my own growth into consciousness. Once this healing method becomes available to the public I suspect it will transform humanity.
testo01 Irfana Qureshi BSc
Environmental Planner

“The self-healing Dalian Method is the antivirus software that helps you delete your fears.”

testo01 Brigit O’Brien
Homemaker and mother of three children

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A Deluxe Box set. Includes a 188 page Book with color illustrations and
2 CDs – 98 and 74 minute versions of the self-healing Dalian Method™ (DM) sessions.