Self-Healing DM Testimonials

“The Dalian Method is amazing. It was something that I have never experienced before. Wonderful and intense. I felt like a cloud of depression lifted. I felt incredible. I came away from the experience feeling completely renewed and energized. Probably the best that I have ever felt. The best part is that it has no side effects”

Dr. R.S. Chehil

“DM is a powerful means of clearing core issues and helping you experience a new level of consciousness. There is nothing else like it!”

Annemarie Gockel
PhD Psychologist

“The Self-Healing Dalian Method is the antivirus software that helps you delete your fears.”

Brigit O’Brien
Mother of 3 beautiful children

“I love DM!!!!! You just never know what you are going to get until you take a bite!”

Irfana Qureshi
BSc, Environmental Planner

“I was able to get a glimpse and feel what it is like to not be my thoughts, not be my emotions. I saw a part of myself that sees and feels joy, living in the light. This would be a completely different planet if people had this new awareness about themselves. There would be a fundamental shift from negative energy to a much more positive energy. I highly recommend this experience to anyone who is tired of living their old patterns and wants to live a new life.”

Paul Molund
PhD in science

“Through Self-Healing DM I found out something about myself that was so deep in me that all my digging until now didn’t even come close to revealing it. ”

Vera Rechenberg
Chemical Engineer

“I have spent 20 years working on my spirituality, healing, and wholeness. With DM I accomplished more in 1 hour than all my prior experiences. It was fast, not overwhelming and extremely freeing.”

Susan Sprinkling

“This is the single biggest experience that has happened to me on my path.”

Dan Guldenzopf
VP/General Manager, Highrise Glass, Inc.

“DM is very usable, universal and versatile. It is the Swiss army knife of spiritual tools!”

Sheldon B

“The Dalian Method is an amazing, easy technique that shows results in minutes, not hours, days and years. I will definitely be using this method at home to progress closer and closer to shedding all the layers that have built up over the years!”

Carol Kopp

“DM is amazing. I feel way lighter and happier. I take each day as it comes and am so ready to dig in deeper. Everyday brings new awareness of my dark side. It is almost like existence is holding my hand every step of the way. I now watch, without judgment and then do DM to release. Thank you Mada for the gift of DM to mankind! ”

Personal Coach

“I have seen Mada’s techniques help others, but never thought that she could come up with something I could do in my own home to heal aches and pains this 68-year old body has carried for many years. The nerve sensations in one leg left (left after a traumatic car accident I had over 20 years ago) have lessened dramatically as a result of just one session with the Self-Healing Dalian Method. Thank you! Thank you!”

Dr. Roshani Shay
Retired Professor of Political Science

“The DM is exhilarating. Breathing in air throughout my body while releasing suppressed emotions unleashed the inner strength and freedom within myself while bringing my conscious awareness to a peak.”

Eric Vigna
Software Consultant

“This method is perfect for those who are ready to transform their life, get free and actively participate in life on all levels of existence. It is simple, effective and approachable, whatever the person’s level of awareness is. I feel it is timely for people to receive and implement a method that puts the responsibility and ownership for the quality of life in their own hands.”

Krystal Dyan

“After my Self-Healing DM session my body feels cleaner and easier in the flow.”

Josef Tyls
Breathwork practitioner

“The self-healing session with the Dalian Method was Empowering! Joyous! It brought so much awareness and clarity at an exhilarated pace. For me learning that things do not need to be a struggle and can be joyous has been an amazing experience. Going to the root cause and then releasing it felt like a multilayer cellular bath. I felt my energy expand 10 fold! I felt peace-filled. By the end of the session I felt Conscious, Grateful, Intelligent, Strong, Whole, Alive.”

Jenny Abel

“Learning Mada’s Self-Healing Dalian Method was an incredible eye-opening experience. The amount of space that opened up inside me throughout the method by identifying and allowing myself to express what needed to be express was unlike anything I have ever experienced or could even have known that I could experience. I am so grateful that existence has given me this experience and I am so excited to keep diving into the layers of my unconscious to uncover my true consciousness and be present moment to moment.”

Breanne Gibson

“The Self-Healing Dalian Method is extraordinarily powerful. The combination of breath and voice direction triggered many insights and bodily sensations, some very difficult to express in words. My body was tingling, as if energy was flowing. Now I am awake, refreshed and with a mission. I seem mentally stronger and determined to ‘lighten up’ physically. I am more aware and alert. I feel very shifted internally. My eyes seem very sharp and alert. Everything seems brighter. I have a new clarity of being. I feel I can trust my life!!!”

Peter Williams
Filmmaker, SWS Media

“Before I began the self-healing with the Dalian Method I felt sick to my stomach and my back was really tight. Afterwards, the tension in my stomach and back released. By the end of the session I felt completely different, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I had no thoughts, no judgments. I felt like I had just awakened from a deep sleep.”

Tanya Dennis
Professional Athlete

“The Self-Healing DM experience was indeed life changing for me. I am the most calm and accepting of my life I have ever been. Generally, I have less pain in my body and I’m far less angry—in fact, no comparison to how I used to be. I feel much more positive and am happy in my life. I seem to radiate a new kind of energy that many people sense on some level. I am more focused at work and much more productive. I am much more patient with others and myself. I feel much better about myself, and I am getting a far different reaction from people around me than I used to in the past. Surprisingly, many people have remarked how much better I look, and lots of strangers look at me and have a big smile for me.”

Paul Molund

“My self-healing experience with the Dalian Method was transformative – the conscious breathing allowed me to fully be in a place of acceptance around whatever came up. Freedom was the concept that resonated through every thought and breath for me. I feel like I’m having my first day at school, a child reborn, witnessing in wonder without the taint of judgment. I actually witnessed the movement of an eclipse of my third eye. I was able to watch and be present as a dark spot moved from my third eye to reveal a warm and nourishing sun. I was vibrating with an energy of newness, freedom, and excitement”

Jason Hay
Serenity Virtues Inc. (Home Renovations & Design)

“The Self-Healing DM is a quick and efficient method for transforming beliefs, emotions, bodily pains, and mental states. I felt shifts in my body, feelings, mental and spiritual states even though my ego was in big resistance to following through with the instructions. Showing that it works no matter how resistant a person is, is a really good sign!”

Lenka Ledak

“After my Self-Healing DM session I feel clear, fresh, and open.”

Sandra Spence

“Huge impact! I feel very much empowered. I feel like a piece of myself has been restored to sanity! Just in one DM self-healing session I have been released from a place of unexpressed and incomprehensible rage, which has been affecting me my whole life and perhaps for many lives previously. I believe work like this is what the much anticipated shift will be made of, as people awaken, release and resume life as full energetic beings.”

Kathie Scott
Metaphysical Reverend, Quantum Bio-Feedback & Quantum Touch Practitioner

“The Self-Healing Dalian Method was profound for me. I was ready for a transformation in a certain area and Mada provided not only a safe environment but this method. It was direct, honest and fast. I am forever grateful for this process and the loving guidance Mada gave.”

Jill Louise Campbell

“I have been on this spiritual journey for more than a decade and I have come across many things that have helped me grow into consciousness but I feel I hit the jackpot when I was able to experience the Self-Healing Dalian Method. I could feel the shifts happening in me during the healing session and the changes continue to anchor into my body, and these are not minor shifts, they are deep and profound. My experience was that several layers of unconsciousness were transformed, which may have taken quite some time using different healing techniques. It was very rewarding to do this self-healing session and to take responsibility for my own growth into consciousness. Once this healing method becomes available to the public I suspect it will transform humanity.”

Irfana Qureshi
BSc, Environmental Planner

“I had a very profound experience. Energy was flowing so much, I felt light-headed, but free and grounded. Quite often I feel that I have to force expression or emotion. This process felt very natural! As the energy continued to build I felt an incredible heat, and with this heat an awesome sense of healing. My previously felt unpleasant pressure was transformed into a beautiful expression of pranic release. Thank-you!”

Nancy Melaert

“The technique allowed me to identify blockages surrounding my physical pain. I was able to move through layers of thought/emotion that carried heavy negativity and deep attachments. Once identified, I gained insight and clarity which revealed light and uplifting messages. I feel grounded, confident and ready to take action.”


“I appreciate Mada’s technique because it includes breath work, mindfulness, stillness, introspection, voice and movement to integrate all of it. I liked that a person at any level of healing and consciousness can use this and the “outcome” is enlightening for all. Very powerful and moving.”

Christine Goyer

“Mada’s technique definitely releases the blockages and the layers to be unfolded quickly and easily. I am feeling much deeper and aware and grateful for myself.”

Marick Sun

“My body feels light for the first time in a long time. I am not carrying the burden of others.”


“Feeling free, full of love, the Self Healing Dalian Method Process was great! I like cutting through!!”


“It’s a wonderful amazing way to peel the layers of repressed emotion and open up to a place of pure bliss….nothingness. Where a person can detach from the things that block their awareness.”

Caren Guldernzopf

“The best method that I have worked with. I will continue to work with the Dalian Method in all my life challenging situations.”

Mira Janik
Business co-owner

“My experience with the Self-Healing Dalian Method has been very powerful. I have uncovered many repressed emotions using the method and have been able to break unhealthy and self-sabotaging patterns in my life.”

Madeleine Newkirk

“The realizations that come through DM aren’t just superficial and it’s not just a temporary release. It’s deep and it’s real.”

Lila Haris


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