Pain & Injury

“After my phone session with Mada with her evolutionary healing method every pain in my body was gone. She is the real deal!”

Sheila Gail
Radio host of the Sheila Show

“Recently I had a serious accident, I fell 20 feet and came close to death. I broke a vertebrae in my spine and cracked my skull. My brain was damaged and bleeding on the inside. Among a multitude of symptoms, I was having shooting pain through my head that would hit the crown of my head from the inside at times and at other times, hit my forehead from the inside. Mada came to see me in the hospital. Within a matter of minutes she used the Dalian Method on this shooting pain and the pains completely stopped. I never had the pain again.”

Jennifer Anderson
BGS, Health Care Worker

“I was contemplating knee surgery before seeing Mada. After working with her twice my knee is almost all pain free (90%) and I can walk without limping! I am so amazed when I stand, it is such a joy just to stand! My mediation is going deeper than ever and I am enjoying the peace and the centeredness that comes with it. My daughters have also noticed a change in me. My husband too is so changed after working with Mada, he gets into sheer joy and laughs a lot. I feel so blessed that existence has put Mada on our path!”

Jollean Sandwell-Schantz
72 year young mother of three and grandmother!

“I first met Mada when I was experiencing severe personal discomfort. I had gone to my doctor complaining of acute pain in my kidney. I was convinced I had an infection, yet tests showed nothing. I knew instinctively that conventional medicine could not relieve nor explain the pain I was still feeling. Almost immediately Mada was able to diagnose energetically what was wrong. A painful childhood memory was stored in my kidney and now needed to be released and let go. Mada was able to facilitate this and miraculously the next day I was skiing having recovered so swiftly. (This was over two years ago, and there is still no pain in the kidney).”

James White
M.A. Psychology

“Working directly with Mada is magical. I was able to move through a pattern of trauma in my body that I’d been holding on to for over 30 years. Mada is clear, direct and powerful in her method of working and at the same time gentle and committed to the work it takes to overcome our deepest and long held blocks to living fully and freely.”

Tanis Hofmann

“I had severely pulled my calf muscle while practicing Tae Kwon Do. Unable to put pressure on my leg, I could not walk without acute pain, discomfort, and a limp. Within only five minutes of work with Mada and the Dalian Method, I was able to release the thought form behind my injury, and remarkably felt my cramp and pain ease and the muscle in my leg relax. Right away, I felt the use of my leg return. In fact, within the hour I was able to go for a walk, and, all discomfort in my leg was completely gone within 48 hours. Mada and her work are amazing!”

Albert Sturm

“After receiving a ten minute healing from Mada and her method the sharp pain in my left toe (gout) that had troubled me for several months, disappeared and has not been felt after a month. I would strongly recommend a session of healing with her.”

“I was in a process of starting a new, potentially lucrative business when it became quickly evident that I was feeling unclear on how to move forward effectively when making new deals with associates and hiring employees. I suddenly started getting strong pains in my right wrist and ankle, making it difficult for me to walk. Mada quickly identified the complex history of my patterns (going back to previous lifetimes) hidden in my ankle. The pattern was connected to my fear of success, lack of self-trust, and difficulty in trusting others. In one session she was able to access, bring to the surface, and remove the causes of the old imprints and belief systems that were keeping me trapped. Once I became aware that they were there to teach me and released the memories associated with them, I experienced clarity around owning my own power and moving forward in confidence to achieve my goals. What I gained in just 90 minutes saved me probably five years of trial and error, and a lot of frustration, not to mention having to suffer through the unexplainable pains in my ankle and wrist. I am now moving forward easily and with strength and confidence I never experienced before, and the pain in my ankle and wrist have completely disappeared.”


“Mada with her God given healing capabilities changed me within a matter of weeks from a walking skeleton, following an open heart surgery, to a healthy person…”


“Mada detected the cause of a problem in my legs without me telling her about it. I had been to many doctors, but no one was able to diagnose the cause of 15 lumps that suddenly appeared on my legs, or find the cure. After working with me she touched a very deep area inside me that opened and released a lot of grief. This energy was blocked inside my legs and was preventing me from moving forward, taking risks, and freely expressing my creative potential.”

Pamela Cooley
Project Manager, The Facilitator Group

“My work with Mada has dramatically reduced the suffering from living with Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and depression. Many very old and deep patterns, including feeling like a victim, have been brought to light and released, freeing me from enormous misery and pain. Today, 3-4 years later, my physical pain is minimal and I have become adeptly conscious of my mind/body connection resulting in more peace, health and joy.”

“I had been suffering with asthma for almost 50 years. I had tried acupuncture, acupressure, homeopathy, naturopathy, and many other forms of conventional and alternative therapies with little or no long-term benefits. After one session with Mada I had immediately cut down my medication by 90% and have not had an asthma attack since. Nine months later, I am still completely free of asthma and have not use any medication. I will be happy to add my name to the list of people that Mada has helped. My sincere thanks.”

musician, song writer

“I was diagnosed with borderline hypothyroidism when I was 30. I resisted taking allopathic medication and looked for alternative ways to reverse the condition. I tried many alternative treatments, including naturopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, Reiki, etc. throughout the last 15- 20 years. Despite all attempts to reverse my hypothyroid it went on getting progressively worse over the years – TSH level progressively getting higher reaching to 7.2. The superb effect of Mada’s marvelous work and the Dalian Method can speak for itself with how my thyroid has been responding. A blood test taken in Dec 2010 showed a TSH score of 5.8, the first signs of the level going down! The test taken in July 2011 showed a TSH score of 4.5 and in September 2011 a TSH score of 3.8. I’m now 47, and this is very exciting for me that my TSH score is progressively going down to normal levels! And the most amazing thing is that this has happened without any medication or supplements.”

Kindi Gill
ACA, Management Consultant

“I had been suffering from Hyperthyroidism, diagnosed as Graves Disease, which was causing me severe aches and pains, heart palpitations, drastic weight loss and fatigue. My T4 level was dangerously high at 70 (normal levels being 10.5-20.0) and my doctor suggested getting my thyroid removed. I did not want to go through surgery and desperately sought alternative help. After one treatment with Mada and her method my bodily symptoms began to improve and eventually completely disappeared. My T4 level went down to 14.4. My doctor continued to monitor my condition through regular blood tests, and four years later my T4 level has remained at a normal level. I am extremely fortunate to have found Mada and her work!”

Kam Berar

“After experiencing a 90 minute private session and a one day workshop with Mada, I would say the results I am experiencing are no less than miraculous. So many of my symptoms, both physical and mental, have simply dissolved, or have improved dramatically…. I feel a lightness or freshness, like I am no longer carrying some great weight or burden. I am noticing a new clarity in my relations with others. I am also beginning to see, as this first heavy layer of the onion is peeling off, that there are many layers underneath. Instead of feeling overwhelmed. Finally I have a sense of hope, a light in the tunnel!”


Personal Challenges

“One session with Mada is equivalent to two years of therapy…. This is the way of the future!”

Alexandra Ricard
M.A. Clinical Counselor

“Mada’s method is nothing less than miraculous! I’ve spent the last 5 years on 3 different anti-depressants as well as gone through extensive therapy. The work I did with Mada pushed me ahead light years in regards to my healing journey! I no longer take medications! You will not be sorry by trying Mada’s method. When you meet Mada you just know that she knows.”

Maureen O’Keefe

“Mada is able to read the thoughts in your unconscious, even from previous lives, that are stuck in your body and are making it impossible for you to live fully. She is a rare self-realized person that does hands-on-healing that is tailored to each person.”

Ryosuke Suganami
M.M. (Master of Music), Japan

“It was so good to work with Mada. It is the first time in my life that I have worked with someone on a level of true inner healing. I now feel that I do not need any more self help books to continue on my path to spirituality.”


“I have been searching to help myself for a long time. I did regular therapy, trauma therapy, EMDR, meditation, and read many spiritual and self help books. I especially enjoyed Eckhart Tolle’s & Byron Katie’s books. However, I still felt incomplete and stuck in my life. I was paralyzed with fear. I suffered from severe social anxiety. I could not talk to my friends or co-workers. I was afraid of being happy. I felt I did not deserve and I felt I was not good enough. I did one private phone session with Mada with her Dalian Method and it has changed my life. With Mada’s help I was able to identify the root cause of my fears and transform it. Most of my fear has now disappeared. My social anxiety is way better. I have more confidence and know that I can and will continue the journey of self discovery and learn to enjoy this beautiful universe. Thank you, Mada for your awesome work!”

“After the Dalian Method session, deep set anxiety, loneliness and depression miraculously lifted to reveal overwhelming peace and a sense of joy in being alive! I feel for the first time in my life a sense of connection to a grounded authentic me, permanently transformed and “tuned in” to a new frequency… I feel this is a liberation process that everyone should experience, to free themselves from their own mind made prison.”

Kindi Gill
ACA, Management Consultant

“In one session with Mada I have accomplished what would have taken years of talk therapy. I felt shifting of energies and the release of negative emotions/patterns on a very deep level.”

“When you have some kind of therapy usually you feel great for a while and then it starts to wear off again and roll back to whatever it might have been. I was expecting the same after Mada’s session, but to my surprise the result was lasting. I had a strong feeling of frustration when I went to see her, and it’s gone now. Nine month after the session the issue we worked with is no longer there. I feel it was transformed in a way I do not understand, but only sense and feel the strong positive results.”

“Mada, the work I did with you is the ONLY thing that has EVER helped my depression. Really, it’s crazy, I have been depressed since I was 12, and the drugs were just my way of trying to get some relief. I can never thank you enough, you are so lucky to be able to help people when all else has failed. I have been through 9 drug treatment centers and rehab homes and done every conceivable thing possible to get off drugs and out of depression. The point I’m trying to make here is that you were the only one to have any impact on my problems, and I have seen tons and tons of smart, professional people. I don’t know what I’m trying to say; maybe it’s like I want you to feel proud for the work you do. If you had been through what I have been through you would understand just how mind blowing your work is! After all those years of trying to get help just so that I could be happy and lead a normal life somebody DID get through to me!! I have been feeling my depression slipping away ever since I first saw you and worked with you, and it is such a relief to feel this sense of hope!”

“Mada, I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the work you do. It has been only a week since my appointment and my life has improved dramatically. I awake every morning when the alarm goes off, rarely hitting the snooze button, and I am awake after a little stretch. I am sleeping 7 – 8 hours not 10 to 11 hours as before. I am no longer stiff in the morning and start the day alert, and the energy is sustained throughout the day. I have been more productive at work in the last week than I have been in the last 2 months, and I am watching less TV. And if that weren’t enough, I am also able to meditate a little and my thinking is effortlessly more positive. The ‘negative tape’ that would play in my head just does not stick. As soon as it starts it’s automatically ‘yanked’ and a more positive thought takes shape. I have gone from thinking I am in a rut and boxed in with no options, to looking at property to buy on the Sunshine Coast. I feel I have my life back and it is full of possibilities, and I am more open to saying “YES” to the abundance. Thank you!”

“Before I began working with Mada I felt paralyzed by a profound sense of fear and mistrust. I felt disconnected from the ‘God/Source’ and resented being in my body. I felt worthless and hopeless. I tried many therapies to overcome my ‘problems’ but little helped. By the time I met Mada I was desperate. After attending one of her demonstrations I knew that she had an extraordinary gift. I trusted that she could help me and I was right!”

“In my yoga practice, or during acupuncture or massage sessions I have experienced small openings and energy movements in my body, but they were nothing like what I experienced during Mada’s session. My whole body, arms, hands, legs and feet were vibrating with energy. I felt an opening and expanding like I had never felt before. My fears which have been holding me down for a long time have vanished, and I felt joy and excitement rushing though my whole body about my life and vast possibilities which are waiting for me to explore.”


”I have done many methods and modalities over the last 25 years, BUT this really hits the core of the being!”

Brigitta Rabold
Intuitive Energy Coach, Canada

“There is going to come a day when we are not going to talk about healing as miraculous. Though we are not there yet, thanks to the work of Eliza Mada Dalian, her book, and her healing method that day will come much quicker. This groundbreaking healing method that Mada created is for everyone!”

Dr. Pat Baccili

“The changes I have seen after my session with Mada are mind blowing. So much so that I have a hard time remembering who I even was 4 weeks ago.”

Brigit O’Brien
Mother of 3 beautiful children

“I have tried a lot of different modalities, but what Mada does is without question the most powerful one.”

“What a difference I feel in my being since my session with Mada and her method. A deeper sense of peace has settled into my core self and I feel a sense of freedom and lightness I have not felt before. I am now in a place where I can be with what is with compassion and joy instead of fear. This is a truly inspiring and transformational work, which is critically important for the world now!”

Brenda Michaels
Host of the Conscious Talk Radio

“Dear Mada, our daughter claims, and our observations confirm it, that you are the only person who has helped her substantially. Her progress when she was working with you was nothing short of miraculous.”

Constance Kellough
Namaste Publishing, and author of The Leap: Are You Ready to Live a New Reality?

“… As a healer I could not give Mada more praise. Her work is an invaluable bridge in the gap between psychotherapy and traditional medicine.”

James White
M.A., Psychology

“Mada has an unspeakable gift and has the most gentle soul I’ve ever come across. Working with her has been a once in a lifetime opportunity that if I hadn’t taken, I would have been a very unbalanced person…my life is now whole.”

Karina Holsti

“Mada’s work is profoundly effective. It directly accesses into root issues. In contrast to other experiences in therapy, I feel I am taken care of energetically while delving into dark places. I leave the sessions feeling more grounded, balanced empowered and with illuminating answers.”

“For ANYONE looking or searching for a way to work through emotional/physical pain or blockages – THE DALIAN METHOD is the FIRST thing you should consider and do for yourself. As within it and within yourself lies the key to emotional freedom and empowerment, the only question is ARE YOU READY to actually work through it?”

Cohen Marcus
Co-Creator at Awakening Truth Worldwide

“I have been in the Holistic Health Field for my whole life. I feel that Mada cut straight to the core of my issues and I believe this needed to happen, before I could actually move forward, stand on my own two feet and achieve my target of self-responsibility.”

Julie Alukas

“Mada’s work is pure, without the ‘Guru and student’ dynamics whatsoever! I have been a truth seeker for over 15 years and this is the most powerful work I’ve experienced. I have not come across any other work that brings you into higher consciousness and healing like this method does!”

Lorraine Besson

“In 90 minutes Mada helped to change my life forever! I am really looking forward to stepping into my new life!”


“In the last 4 months, I have seen Mada twice and in each session I released many suppressed belief and emotions and gained powerful understanding and insights. I felt aligned to my true Self and filled with my own light. Now, I am able to maintain that connection and rarely experience the depth of despair and fear that was my habitual state. I do not feel so alone and separate any longer. I am much more present and embracing of my body and life. Overall, I feel stronger and more empowered.”

“I am diligent about doing the homework that Mada sets for me because I have experienced how it further grounds and expands the work that has occurred in the session.”

“Dear Mada, my client was telling me of her session with you and it just couldn’t have been more right on. The change in her today ASTOUNDED me. I hoped for the last 5 years to see what I saw in her today. What you did was obviously very powerful…”

“In a matter of months we worked through issues that can take people a lifetime! Some people’s lives are affected by others. Mada has touched mine in such a way that my life will never be the same.”

“In a few sessions with Mada I advanced more than many years of all the other work I have done before. I feel fortunate I can move though my issues so quickly!”

“Like others in testimonials about your work, I feel different, and yes, lighter! I appreciate this crash course in personal awareness! My communication with my son has relaxed, my pressures of work, study, etc. are suddenly of little consequence. This morning I woke up with a more optimistic approach to life. I feel more alive and determined to work through this ‘layer.’ I will endeavor to be patient with my progress. The main thing is that I feel at last I am on the right path!”

“Mada, words will never convey the awakening and life lessons that have come since your sessions, nor the thankfulness and love I have for you. If I were there I would smile, bow, and give you a big hug. Life has validated your wisdom into experience, and inner light continues to grow. I have you in my heart always and send you light and love.”

“Dear Mada, yesterday I began once again to think of the session we did and decided to play my tape again. Now I realize that after 4 plus months, something has most definitely shifted in terms of what we uncovered and worked on. The confidence in my own power has grown enormously. I am not even the same person I was at that time, so much of a leap there has been… and all within the nature of what you spoke of! So thank you, thank you, thank you – from the bottom of my essential heart!”

“Oh Mada, you have no idea how tremendous I feel today. I’ve always tried so hard to live in the moment, and have rarely been able to. Since my session, I have been 100% here, reveling in this beautiful place called life. I am eternally grateful to you. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”


“My 7 year old son was having on-going anger fits, and several counseling sessions did not seem to help. After seeing Mada for one session his attitude and behavior changed so dramatically that he is now telling his friends ‘You need to go see Mada’. He is much happier now.”

musician, songwriter

“My middle son, age 10, was very needy, always looking for attention (often in a negative way), annoying and bugging his brothers excessively, and doing anything to get noticed. After his session with Mada, he seemed more fulfilled, content to be on his own, way less needy and he stopped seeking negative attention. I also took my youngest son, age 8 to see Mada. Before his session, he would get very angry with his older brothers and try to hit them. He would lose his temper very often in a big way. After his session with Mada, the intensity of his temper and his aggression towards his brothers was way less. One of the mom’s at his school told me a few months after the session that he had been picking on her son at school, but now they get along. She was wondering what had brought about the change in behavior. I am grateful that Mada could help my children to be more balanced and happy!”

Anne-Marie Halley
Registered Dietitian

“Before Jonathan (age 9) had a session with Mada he was prone to getting asthma, usually in conjunction with a common cold. This began when he was approximately 15 months old and continued through age nine. We initially went to the family doctor when he had continuing bouts of coughing and were told he had moderate asthma. At the doctor’s direction, we began giving him Salbutomol (ventolin) when he had an episode, and sometimes another medicine which was more preventive. Both were given with a ventilator mask, and occasionally a puffer if we were away from home. For the worst bouts he was given prednisone orally for three consecutive days. This is a powerful steroid which can have bad long term side effects.

We took Jonathan for allergy tests which revealed he was allergic to dust, cats and a few other substances. We tried to minimize these elements and his asthma became less frequent, but still occurred regularly, especially in winter when it was always much more prevalent. Wanting to get away from the pharmaceutical drugs and steroids, we continued to search for other means of curing or treating his asthma. We found a herbalist in Kamloops, BC who made an asthma tea which we began giving to Jonathan on a regular basis. The tea was designed to increase the strength of the lungs as well as relax the airways and reduce the amount of mucous using natural herbs. This worked to some degree, as he seemed to get asthma less frequently and less severely. He still, however, occasionally had bad bouts, including one in December 2002 on his 9th birthday at his grandpa’s farm in the lower mainland of BC.

Two months later, Jonathan had a session with Mada. He was left with a short homework assignment. He did this for the ten days specified and then occasionally again, if we, or he thought he might have a cold coming on. Jonathan is now a teenager and hasn’t had a single bout of asthma since.”

Stephen V

“My 11 year old daughter had always had challenges with reading. Assessments informed us that she may be dyslexic. In the session with Mada, my daughter was able to release a deep-rooted block and belief pattern that had been in the way of her ability to learn to read. Mada gave her the responsibility of teaching herself to read, with self- directed homework that improved her reading and self-confidence. After 3 months she came to me one day and said, “ Mama, I can read now! I guess the session with Mada really worked, and my doing the homework that she gave me. I actually like to read now.”

Rather than giving my daughter a designation of learning disabled, we discovered what worked best for her. She began to appreciate her own ability to teach herself new tasks, slowly and confidently. This discovery now serves her as a positive understanding of how she learns and experiences the world.
In addition to the reading improvement, the session with Mada has empowered her to take responsibility for herself in a new way, allowing her to discover her own unique potential.”

Isabella Scandolari

“All 3 of our children have experienced life-affirmative and liberating changes with the Dalian Method.

For our youngest daughter it was like turning on a light switch! DM helped her to overcome fears that were at the root of feeling pressured by time, making decisions by herself and facing social pressures and conflict. Today she manages her very busy life with efficiency, able to swiftly transition when needed. She is willing to speak up, especially if her instinct says that her contribution is needed and she has overcome her fear to read out loud. She has become increasingly self directed and decisive, and all by her eleventh birthday!

Our 16 year old son first saw Mada for a Dalian Method session in early 2009 when he was 12. The DM experience was so life changing and precious that we chose for him to have annual follow up treatments to build on this brilliant start to life. Prior to this, his timid, sensitive and worrying nature kept him trapped in inner tension and stress. Now, he is rooted in self trust and centered in his ability to express what he feels. He has become a mature, wise young man, expanding in ever-growing self confidence and looks forward to the unknown as an opportunity to explore life!

The Dalian Method has also been a fantastic technique to help our 20 year old daughter. She has become calmer, kinder and more caring. Her strength and assertiveness has been toned down to not appear aggressive and her nature has become more responsive and less reactive. She has developed a brilliant sense of following her gut in her life-choices, seeking no outside approval. She has become very responsible for managing her finances, juggling a part time job with her university studies.

We feel extremely fortunate for the gift our children have been given through their sessions with Mada. They are starting their lives with such clarity and strength of self!”

Kindi Gill
ACA, Management Consultant

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