Child Sessions

To transform breakdowns into breakthroughs is the whole function of a master. The psychotherapist simply patches you up. That is his function. He is not there to transform you. You need a meta-psychology, the psychology of the buddhas.
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In Person

60 min: (Ages 7 to 12)

Children are very aware, alert, and much more present than we may think. They don’t have many repressions, and what is repressed in their bodies is more on the surface. With only one or two sessions Mada can permanently clear and transform their issues (health, fear, insecurity, low self-esteem, anger, or mental blockages with learning). The age and maturity level of the child plays a role in determining whether a session is suitable for them. All Child sessions include some parent/child relationship work as well.

During the session Mada will:

• Look into your child’s energy and identify the root cause of their physical or emotional blockages and behavioural challenges;

• Release the repressed thoughts and emotions that are creating the challenges;

• Transform challenges into clarity, strength, and self-confidence;

• Create a 180 degree shift in their behaviour and perception of reality;

• Give specific action steps on what your child must do to integrate their new awareness in their body and daily life, and what you can do as a parent to help your child through those action steps.

Session Fees:

  • In-Person
    60 minute: $680


You will receive a digital recording of the session so you can listen to it as needed while continuing to support your child with their integration process.

A yearly ‘maintenance’ session is highly recommended to keep your child’s growing needs and consciousness strong and grounded.


Behavior changed so dramatically…He is much happier now.

My 7 year old son was having on-going anger fits, and several counseling sessions did not seem to help. After seeing Mada for one session his attitude and behavior changed so dramatically that he is now telling his friends ‘You need to go see Mada’. He is much happier now.

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All 3 of our children have experienced life-affirmative and liberating changes with the Dalian Method.

For our youngest daughter it was like turning on a light switch! DM helped her to overcome fears that were at the root of feeling pressured by time, making decisions by herself and facing social pressures and conflict. Today she manages her very busy life with efficiency, able to swiftly transition when needed. She is willing to speak up, especially if her instinct says that her contribution is needed and she has overcome her fear to read out loud. She has become increasingly self directed and decisive, and all by her eleventh birthday!

Our 16 year old son first saw Mada for a Dalian Method session in early 2009 when he was 12. The DM experience was so life changing and precious that we chose for him to have annual follow up treatments to build on this brilliant start to life. Prior to this, his timid, sensitive and worrying nature kept him trapped in inner tension and stress. Now, he is rooted in self trust and centered in his ability to express what he feels. He has become a mature, wise young man, expanding in ever-growing self confidence and looks forward to the unknown as an opportunity to explore life!

The Dalian Method has also been a fantastic technique to help our 20 year old daughter. She has become calmer, kinder and more caring. Her strength and assertiveness has been toned down to not appear aggressive and her nature has become more responsive and less reactive. She has developed a brilliant sense of following her gut in her life-choices, seeking no outside approval. She has become very responsible for managing her finances, juggling a part time job with her university studies.

We feel extremely fortunate for the gift our children have been given through their sessions with Mada. They are starting their lives with such clarity and strength of self!”

testo01Kindi Gill
ACA, Management Consultant

I am grateful that Mada could help my children to be more balanced and happy!

My middle son, age 10, was very needy, always looking for attention (often in a negative way), annoying and bugging his brothers excessively, and doing anything to get noticed. After his session with Mada, he seemed more fulfilled, content to be on his own, way less needy and he stopped seeking negative attention.

I also took my youngest son, age 8 to see Mada. Before his session, he would get very angry with his older brothers and try to hit them. He would lose his temper very often in a big way. After his session with Mada, the intensity of his temper and his aggression towards his brothers was way less. One of the mom’s at his school told me a few months after the session that he had been picking on her son at school, but now they get along. She was wondering what had brought about the change in behavior. I am grateful that Mada could help my children to be more balanced and happy!

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Registered Dietitian