Individual Sessions

To transform breakdowns into breakthroughs is the whole function of a master. The psychotherapist simply patches you up. That is his function. He is not there to transform you. You need a meta-psychology, the psychology of the buddhas.
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In Person or by Phone

60 or 90 min:

Having a private session with Mada is a rare opportunity. Even one session with Mada can help resolve chronic life-long problems and can save you months and even years of counseling, psychotherapy, side effects caused by mood altering medications, and many doctor’s visits.


Through her gift and know-how to accurately identify and transform the causes of energetic blockages, fear, pain, or illness, Mada will help you permanently erase the self-sabotaging thought patterns, emotional wounds and beliefs hardwired in your body’s cellular memory. She will help you heal your body, expand your consciousness, find your inner strength and power, learn your important life lessons, and experience the abundant possibilities hidden in your silent being.

During your session Mada will:

• Look into your energy and identify the root causes of your problems• Help you quickly and permanently release the multiple layers of unconscious thought patterns and emotions that have been repressed in your body over the years• Help you learn the lessons hidden in your traumatic experiences• Open the door to your inner consciousness. Find your inner clarity, strength, and power• Ground your new awareness and strength in your entire body• Create a 180 degree shift in your health and perception of reality• Give specific homework to do after your session so you can put your new awareness into practice and continue integrating it in your daily life


Mada has helped to transform many physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual conditions. Here are some to name a few: chronic pain anywhere in the body (including accident related), illnesses such as fibromialgia, asthma, cystitis, digestion problems, headaches, tonsillitis, thyroid, MS, Crones disease, Rosacea, bronchitis, chronic bleeding, chronic vomiting, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, childhood issues, post traumatic stress, physical or sexual abuse, childbirth, fears and phobias, panic attacks, self-sabotage, ancestral patterns, self-esteem issues, relationship problems, decision-making (personal, professional or business), past life patterns, fear of death and the unknown – all of which ultimately lead to the soul’s search for spiritual awakening and transformation from pain and suffering.


The sessions are available in person or by phone. They can be booked for 60 or 90 minutes.
The 90 minute sessions involve hands-on full body energy work and are recommended in case of multiple issues.

Session Fees:

  • In-Person
    60 minute: $680
    90 minute: $950
  • By Phone or Skype
    60 minute: $655
    90 minute: $930


You will receive a digital recording of your session so you can listen to it as needed.


Note: Mada has only a limited availability to offer private sessions and many people are in need of one. If you are unable to afford a private session, consider working with the Self-healing Dalian Method which Mada created so that the transformational power of the Dalian Method can be accessible by the many who need it.


The full day after my session with Mada was the best day of my life!

testo01 Nathen Grayye

One session with Mada is equivalent to two years of therapy… This is the way of the future!

testo01 Alexandra Ricard
M.A. Clinical Counselor

After my phone session with Mada with her evolutionary healing method every pain in my body was gone. She is the real deal!

testo01 Sheila Gale
Radio host of the Sheila Show

I never had the pain again.

Recently I had a serious accident, I fell 20 feet and came close to death. I broke a vertebrae in my spine and cracked my skull. My brain was damaged and bleeding on the inside. Among a multitude of symptoms, I was having shooting pain through my head that would hit the crown of my head from the inside at times and at other times, hit my forehead from the inside. Mada came to see me in the hospital. Within a matter of minutes she used the Dalian Method on this shooting pain and the pains completely stopped. I never had the pain again.
testo01 Jennifer Anderson
Mental Health Worker, Meditation Teacher

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