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It is said that out of a thousand beings who become enlightened, only one becomes a master who is capable of individually guiding others out of the complexities of their personal illusions. Mada Eliza Dalian is one such rare being. She is an ancient soul, a modern day mystic, and internationally acclaimed master of healing and transformation. Mada is the founder of the light-speed Dalian Method™ for health and consciousness, best-selling multi-award winning author of two books; In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness and Healing the Body & Awakening Consciousness with the Dalian Method: An Advanced Self-Healing System for a New Humanity, and is the creator of several meditation CDs.

What sets Mada apart from other spiritual teachers is that she is also a gifted hands-on healer. What sets her apart from other healers is that she is not concerned with fixing symptoms of the ailments but rather with helping people heal from unconsciousness into consciousness. She is no-nonsense, to the point, and completely and utterly practical. She does not spend a lot of time talking about problems, abstract concepts and philosophies. Instead, she teaches people how they can practically and permanently alleviate the causes of their physical, mental, and emotional pain and suffering and discover the peace and joy of their eternal being.

Mada’s own quest for truth began at the age of five when she witnessed her grandfather’s death. At that tender age she became aware of her own mortality and asked herself: Who am I? Where do I come from? Where will I go when I die?

At the age of twenty-four, she came across the teachings of George Gurdjieff and Osho and her childhood questions were sparked back to life. At this time, she left behind her training in education and architecture and devoted herself to the search for truth and spiritual enlightenment.

After years of focused meditation and introspection she was blessed with many profound experiences that led to the “ultimate” experience of awakening and liberation from the ego at age thirty-three.

After integrating this profound experience into her daily life Mada reconnected with her childhood ability of being able to “read” with 100% accuracy the repressed thought forms and emotions repressed in people’s bodies and energies. She also began “seeing” the many interconnected layers of their unconscious that were causing the physical, mental, and emotional blocks, pain, and illness.

With absolute clarity, wisdom, and practical insights on how each individual can transform their pain and suffering into consciousness, Mada sets the bar for a new type of education in health and personal transformation. She is a rebel who says that “the old methods have served their purpose, and it’s now time for new methods that can empower people to take responsibility for their own health and happiness.”

Through her deep and life-changing work Mada has helped thousands of individuals to heal into consciousness and transform their “incurable” illnesses, depression, anxiety, and fear into health and self-empowered consciousness. She offers private sessions, self-healing seminars, online courses and retreats to help people heal their body, dis-identify from their ego-mind, and take risks to live life fully and fearlessly.

A detailed story of Mada’s journey can be found in the bestselling book In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness.

Read on how Mada created the Dalian Method™ (DM) in Healing the Body & Awakening Consciousness with the Dalian Method: An Advanced Self-Healing System for a New Humanity, the book & 2 CD box set.

“Mada provides a unique perspective on the process of healing and development. Her distinctive voice and vision combines the practical instructions of a teacher with the profound vision of a mystic offering inspiration and wisdom on the journey.”

“Embodied in this woman, Mada Eliza Dalian is a calm, broad river of wisdom. A river that is moving through space and time to help currently incarnated people figure out what life is all about – to teach them how to navigate the path to their personal growth and enlightenment.”

“Mada has an unspeakable gift and the most gentle soul I’ve ever come across. Working with her has been a once-in-a-life time opportunity that if I hadn’t taken, I would have been a very unbalanced person. In a matter of minutes we worked through issues that can take people a lifetime to work through. Some people’s lives are affected by others. Mada has touched mine in such a way that my life will never be the same.”

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