Case Studies

During many years of working with DM, I have seen countless cases where people had been diagnosed with the same illness and were given the same standard treatment by conventional medical practices. These treatments failed to treat the problems because they did not address and eradicate the individual causes hidden in each person’s body and energy.


Although our bodies may exhibit similar symptoms, the underlying causes of ailments are different for each individual. The case studies below demonstrate how the body naturally healed itself when the root cause was eradicated.

Case Study 1: Asthma

Steven was diagnosed with asthma in early childhood. He was fifty when he came to see me. He had been using medication and a nebulizer mask since childhood. Despite all his attempts to help himself with conventional and alternative healing methods – including acupuncture, homeopathy, and naturopathy – his asthma got progressively worse with age. By the time he came to see me he was desperate to find help.


The unconscious thought-form repressed in his chest said, “I don’t want to heal.” Seeing this, I was not surprised that all other methods to treat his asthma had failed. This thought-form repressed in his chest had undermined all of his and their efforts.


When I asked Steven to express this thought out loud, he initially resisted and said he had come to see me because he wanted to get to the bottom of his problem and heal. Fortunately, Steven had become so desperate that he was now ready and willing to try anything. He put his ego’s resistance aside and agreed to follow my instructions. After verbalizing the thought-form “I don’t want to heal” several times, he suddenly remembered that he used to think this way as a child whenever he would get sick and wanted to avoid going back to school. Reinforcing his sickness this way he gradually learned to will himself to cough and stay sick whenever he wanted to skip school and get extra attention from his mother. Now an adult, he was unconsciously repeating the same pattern of behavior. Whenever he wanted to avoid responsibility and receive attention from others, his body automatically generated the desired results. With age, the body’s ability to handle the added stress naturally weakened, and his asthma consequently worsened.


As Steven released the repressed layers of this old self-sabotaging thought-form from his body, he was able to see for the first time the connection between his asthma attacks and his need for attention. He realized how his need for attention had undermined his health and relationships. As a consequence of becoming conscious, Steven also came to recognize that everything he was seeking to receive from others he already had within himself. He saw that he did not need anyone else’s attention to feel secure and be happy. He was able to step into his own power and feel love and compassion for himself.


I gave Steven homework to further integrate his new awareness in his daily life. Three weeks later, he called to say that his asthma was 90 percent better and that he no longer used a nebulizer. A year later, when he brought his ten-year-old son to see me for anger issues, he said he no longer suffered from asthma.

Case Study 2: Thyroid

Kindi was forty-five years old when she came to see me. She had been diagnosed with borderline hypothyroidism when she was thirty. Having seen her mother on medication for the same ailment throughout her adult life, Kindi refused to be put on medication. Instead, she explored alternative treatments including naturopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, counseling, and reiki to reverse her condition. Regardless of all her attempts, she continued to feel tired and was unable to lose weight. For fifteen years, her hypothyroidism progressively got worse and her TSH levels continued to rise. By the time she came to see me they were at 7.2 mIU/L (normal TSH range is considered to be 0.5 – 5.0 mIU/L).


When I looked into Kindi’s energy and her unconscious, I saw that her hypothyroidism was linked to a belief about money and wealth. Although she was a high-level executive, lived in a multi-million-dollar house, and had a very comfortable lifestyle, she carried a belief that she was poor and did not have enough. As we delved into her unconscious and released the repressed thought-form “I don’t have enough” from her body, she became very emotional and teary. She connected with a memory from a past incarnation when she was a poor woman in India who had worked very hard just to survive.


Once the belief, “I don’t have enough” was released, it brought to the surface a deeper rooted belief that said, “I’m afraid of success.” Again, Kindi felt emotional, but this time it was due to feeling guilty about being wealthy. This was connected to an even earlier incarnation. In that life, she had been a wealthy person and was harshly criticized for not sharing her wealth with the less fortunate. Having died with guilt in that life, she re-incarnated into a poor family in the following life to learn humility.

Kindi’s beliefs, which were formed as a result of these two life experiences, sabotaged her physical health in her current incarnation. Once the repressed thought-forms associated with these contradictory experiences were brought to the surface and released, Kindi realized that her soul needed these diametrically opposite experiences so she could be humbled and understand that no one is higher and no one is lower. She understood that everyone is part of the same existence, which gives each person exactly what she or he needs to learn their lessons and grow spiritually. With this awareness she was able to relax and understand that there is no need to be afraid of poverty or success, and that she would always be cared for by existence.


Kindi promptly followed my homework recommendations and continued to integrate her new shift in consciousness into her daily life. She followed up with a few other sessions within the course of a year and her TSH level began to gradually decrease, reaching 3.3 mIU/L– the lowest it had been in twenty-five years. Kindi was delighted that her thyroid condition reversed to normal without any medication, and she was also happy to have learned important life lessons along the way.

Case Study 3: Chronic Pain

Tanis, a fifty year old woman, came to see me with a swollen left knee. She had been experiencing chronic pain in the knee for six years after having injured it while at work (she was a letter carrier). Since the injury, each time she would walk a distance, her knee would swell up with acute shooting pain pulsing through it. She also complained of lower back pain and numbness from her waist down. After doing everything possible to heal her knee and back pain, including physiotherapy, acupuncture, rolfing, reiki, massages, healing touch, yoga, magnets, psychology, emotional release work, body-talk and affirmations, the pain persisted.


When I looked into Tanis’ energy, I saw that the pain in the knee was connected to a pattern of withdrawing and feeling shut down. There was anger, fear, and inability to trust people and the universe repressed in her body and energy. When I told her what I was seeing, she agreed and said that when she was fifteen, her mother had suddenly disappeared, leaving only a note, “You are better off without me.” This incident left her heart broken, angry, and confused.


For eleven years she lived not knowing whether her mother was dead or alive. The pain that Tanis felt as a result of her mother’s sudden disappearance forced her to shut down emotionally and conclude that people are not trustworthy. One summer, when the water in the nearby lake was unusually low, her mother’s car and her remains were discovered.


The thought-forms repressed in the left side of Tanis’ body were, “I am angry about everything,” and “I’m afraid to show how I feel.” The thought-forms repressed in the right side were, “I’m afraid,” and “I don’t trust people.” These repressed thoughts and their associated emotions were causing energetic blockages in her back, knees, and legs and were preventing her from firmly stepping into her power and finding her life purpose.


Once the repressed thoughts and emotions were released, other, deeper layers began to surface, “I hate you mom for leaving me alone,” “Why did you leave me alone?” “Was I not good enough for you?” “I need to know why you left me,” and “I hate you dad for leaving me alone” (her father had remarried two years after her mother’s disappearance and she felt abandoned again).


When all these debilitating thoughts and emotions, along with many tears, were expressed out loud and released from the body, after thirty-five years of invisibly creating havoc in her life, they lost their power. Tanis was able to dis-identify from these old thoughts and emotions and realize that her mother had committed suicide not because she had done something wrong but because her mother was unwell and unable to cope with the depression. See also understood that her father had his own life to live and felt loving and compassionate towards him.


With the light of her inner consciousness shining through, Tanis understood that it was her ego that was angry and disappointed with her parents. She was able to finally let go of her anger and resentment and forgive them for their mistakes. She was also able to forgive herself for her selfishness, realizing that she had been so preoccupied with her own needs that she hadn’t noticed that her mother was suffering. With this new awareness, the energetic blockages in her body began to dissolve and her energy started to flow freely through the entire body. She also experienced an inner peace and calmness she had not felt before.


Feeling grateful to her parents for giving her an opportunity to have a body so she could do her inner work and grow spiritually helped the fifteen year old teenager to suddenly become a mature and conscious adult. “I am going to do whatever I want,” she said with confidence and strength. “There is nothing stopping me any more, and there was nothing ever stopping me. I was the one stopping myself. I am not going to stop myself from manifesting my creativity, gifts, and potential any longer.” With this profound transformation into consciousness, it was a miracle to see how the large swelling in her knee diminished and the knee started looking normal again.


Two weeks after the session, Tanis did a week-long intensive yoga course and did not experience any pain in her knee. I ran into her eight weeks later and her knee looked normal. There was no swelling or pain. She was walking easily and confidently and there was no sign that there had ever been any problem with her knee. She contacted me again nine months later to tell me how excited and grateful she was for being able to walk long distances and even run again without any pain.

Case Study 4: Post-Surgery Recovery

Sid, a fifty-one year old male, was diagnosed with colon cancer. Twenty-five percent of his colon and ninety percent of his rectum were surgically removed to stop the cancer from spreading. After the surgery he began experiencing a temporary paralysis of his small intestine, a condition called Ileus, which is a partial or complete blockage of the bowel that prevents the contents of the intestine from passing through (this condition is commonly faced by post-surgery patients). Sid was not able to eat anything. He was in constant pain, had nausea, and was vomiting. After six days of severe vomiting, his doctor recommended using a nasogastric tube to assist him with mechanically removing the contents of his stomach by suction. He hoped that this would ease the nausea and eliminate the need to vomit.


A nasogastric tube had been previously used three days after the surgery, for approximately two hours, to help ease his condition. During this procedure Sid had vomited when it was put in and when it was taken out, and struggled breathing while it was in. The prospect of using it again caused him immense anxiety and upset, and in an attempt to avoid the procedure he sought help from me. He arranged a phone session from England where he had undergone the surgery.


When I looked into his energy, I saw that the thought-form blocking his energy in the right side of the body was, “I hate this situation,” and the one on the left side was, “I am afraid.” Although he intellectually understood that his confinement in the hospital was temporary, his feeling of helplessness, fear, and anxiety were creating havoc in his body and were not allowing his organs to relax.


After releasing the repressed fear and anxiety from the body, he was able to relax and accept the situation as something temporary that would pass. He understood that he needed to let go of his struggle and allow his body to heal itself. As he accepted his situation and relaxed, the body spontaneously responded by instantly releasing one liter of bile in less than a minute. (During the previous six days after his surgery, only 100 mL of bile had been released daily.)


The Ileus condition subsided without any medical intervention after Sid’s DM session because his small intestine was freed from the stress his fear and anxiety were causing in creating the intestinal paralysis. His vomiting and nausea also stopped and he was able to start eating again. Within two days following his session, the small intestine released nearly six liters of accumulated bile and Sid was on his way to a speedy recovery.


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