5 Week Online Course with a Bonus Week 6 Focussing on Meditation

Date: September 4, 2022
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Location: Online

Living Joyfully in the Unknown

Life changes moment-to-moment, whether we like it or not. Though intellectually it is easy to understand that everything changes, it is difficult to accept flowing with the changes and live spontaneously in the Now. This is so, because the mind always projects its beliefs and conditionings onto the blank screen of the unknown from where the next moment arises. 

History repeats itself every 70 to 90 years. These turbulent times give us an opportunity to see and understand the fleeting moments of life. Existence gives us an opportunity to awaken out of the illusion of the temporary physical reality and see the true reality of our eternal presence, where there are no concepts of time and space, birth and death.  Fortunately, due to the pace of changes happening around the world today, we now have an opportunity to see that life is not static, and learn to live in the moment. 

This five week course will focus on strengthening your ability to witness the passing moments, dis-identify from fears and conditionings of the mind, and learn living in the present, joyfully welcoming the unknown moment-to-moment.

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