Personal Mentoring Tele-Class

Date: August 3, 2024
Time: 10:00 am
Location: online

Personal Mentoring Tele-Classes are a wonderful opportunity to get guidance from Mada on any life-challenge you may be experiencing, or to gain clarity on how to advance your spiritual journey to awakening.

During the Tele-Class, you can ask Mada to look into your energy and give you specific guidance relevant to your individual needs.

Mada will shed light on how you can:

• transform blockages that are preventing you from living what your heart and being long for;

• erase the causes of fears and disturbing thoughts/emotions repressed in your body;

• heal physical ailments;

• break mechanical thinking and behaviour patterns;

• see your challenges as opportunities.

Mada will also identify the self-sabotaging beliefs and thought-patterns repressed in your body, so you are able to work with the Self-Healing Dalian Method on your own, and take your healing and transformation into your own hands.

All your questions are also welcome!


Note: The Tele-Class start time is 10:am PST and will end after Mada has taken everyone’s questions.

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