Dalian Method Facilitator Training Part I

Date: April 19, 2024
Time: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Location: online

The Dalian Method (DM) Facilitator Training offers an exciting opportunity to become a pioneer in the new type of self-care evolution.

Providing a massive and rapid transformation, it is the missing link between the allopathic (medication-focussed) and alternative (mind, energy, and nutrition-focussed) treatments. Instead of focussing on the symptoms, the Dalian Method facilitates direct access to, and transformation of, the underlying causes of chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and dis-ease imprinted in the body’s cellular memory. It helps to access the all-healing power of inner consciousness to erase the unconscious beliefs and thought patterns that cause pain and ailments.

Through the Dalian Method Facilitator Training you will not only be trained to facilitate sessions for others, but will also greatly benefit by continuing to work on your own personal growth and transformation while working with Mada and other trainees.

The initial 20 hald days of the training will continue with 5 follow up monthly calls.

Please See more about the training and the Pre-Requisites

If you have completed the pre-requisits please contact us for registration details.

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