3 Week Online Course – Create the Blueprint for Your Next Life while Living this one Fully

Start date: July 7, 2024
End date: July 21, 2024
All-day event

Have you ever wondered how life on earth can continue if you, and everyone else, had only one life to live?

Can you learn everything your soul is longing to learn and experience in only one lifetime?

Do you think you would have been capable to known what you know now, if you only had 5, 10, or 15 years to live?

It takes millions of years for stars, and billions of yers for planets to be formed. It takes thousands of years for the soul to pass through many shapes and forms, before it can become conscious of itself. In this three-week course, you will have an opportunity to explore the journey your soul has travelled, and in what direction to continue your evolution.


Tuition: $775

Early Bird registration $725, if registered before June 23, 2024


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