4 Week Course – Preparing for Your Next Life and Completing this One Fully

Start date: June 26, 2022
End date: July 17, 2022
Time: 10:00 am

Humanity is at a brink of completing a big cycle of 25,000 years and entering a New Era. The next cycle will begin with conscious and compassionate people taking charge of the leadership and care-taking of the globe. The time for self-aware and responsible people to re-shape how the world is run, and chart a completely new path for individuals and humanity is fast approaching.

Instead of the power hungry self-benefitting few, who live to control, manipulate, and keep others in fear, divisiveness, envy, and hatred, the new leaders will strive to empower each individual to live in their own strength, power and creativity, and take responsibility for helping themselves and others live in peace, kindness, and mutual respect. The new leaders will value brotherhood, integrity, and intelligent cooperation. They will teach acceptance of individual differences, and will walk their talk with self-responsibility.

This four week course is for the future leaders who have open minds and hearts. It is for those who have been working hard to grow and evolve into higher consciousness and live with understanding and compassion for themselves and others. It is for those who are willing to take on the responsibility of raising the vibrational frequency of humanity through personal example of being honest, introspective, and trustworthy. 

Through this course we will be entering a new space of untapped potential and possibilities to create a blueprint for the future. During this process, you will awaken your limitless imagination to create a picture of how you would wish to complete your current life, and what you wish to  create and manifest in your next incarnation. 

In the constantly moving caravan of existence, and as an on-going progression of what your soul needs to unfold and materialize , you will have an opportunity to continue adding new strokes to your painting of the future, while learning to live moment-to-moment in the present.


This first 4-week course, Preparing for Your Next Life and Completing this one Fully, will be held from June 26th to July 17th 2022.

Regular tuition: $989.

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