A favourite of many, the No-Yes is a powerful active meditation technique to help detoxify the body of repressed negative emotions, anxiety, and stress, allowing the practitioner to experience inner peace, clarity, and joy of living. More details

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Pure empowerment

“One’s voice is a truly powerful yet under-utilized tool in living our truth. This meditation gives your voice that full authority to speak your YES and NO as you’ve never done before. No holding back, no politeness, no compromising yourself. In a word, it is empowerment! What you’ve always wanted to say (to your mom, to your dad, to your spouse) but suppressed it.”
~ Tracy L. Barrett

A powerful tool…

“The NO-YES Active Meditation is a powerful tool and safe vehicle for working through layers to access once again our authentic self connecting to our original purpose, our unique essence. As a practitioner teaching 100’s how to meditate, this technique is ‘the definitive’ fast track as a direct link to joy. Finally!”
~ WM

Loved it!

“I loved this cd, it just made me let go and have fun becoming playful and childlike again.Great workout too”
~ Julia King

Awaken from sleep

“If you are honestly knowing that now is the time to stop your hurts and disappointments dictating your behaviour patterns and therefore the way you live you life, buy this CD. This music is so good… Find out what you want in this one life you have. Give the NO-YES mediation a go.”
~ RH


“I have used this CD multiple times and am delighted with the layers of sadness and upset that were released with it. It has helped me to de-clogg my inside, all by simply using two words!! The music is extremely powerful. My anger has surfaced naturally with it and then dissolved miraculously. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to lighten their body from stress! It is so easy to use.”
~ UN

Emotion Evoking, Rip Roaring Expressive Clearing

“While deep emotions and blocks are stirred up by the music, you are enthusiastically renouncing and rejecting them. While the happy and cheerful affirmative music evokes positive emotions and feelings, you are enthusiastically affirming and enjoying them.”
~ John Salitros

The No-yes Active Meditation CD is excellent!

“I am very pleased with the results I’m receiving going within my meditation. Thanks!”
~ Toby Dehnel

Creation of the No-Yes Active Meditation

In 1991, while reading one of Osho’s darshan diaries (talks transcribed from his intimate meetings with disciples), I came across a suggestion he made to a woman to help transform her negative thoughts into positive and balance her energies. He suggested she repeatedly say “No” for forty minutes and then switch to saying “Yes” for twenty minutes. I felt the wisdom and the power behind his advice and was inspired to experiment with it myself and in my groups. The results were amazingly transformative. I saw how quickly people were able to access and release the multiple layers of suppressed negative emotions like anger, resentment, sadness, blame, and judgments, and transform them into self-acceptance, love, gratitude, and joy without needing to engage their mind in any psychological activity.

I quickly noticed, however, that most people were having difficulty switching immediately from “No” to “Yes.” I realized that, similar to the gap that exists between the incoming and the outgoing breaths, a small transition stage of stillness and silence was necessary to help shift gears between these contradictory stages. After adding this gap (which I’m sure Osho would have added had he experimented with his suggestion further) a new meditation was born.

I then spent almost a year working with a musician on the “No” phase of the meditation to create the vibrations needed to bring to the surface what has been repressed in the body, so it can be easily released and transformed into self acceptance, understanding, trust and celebration of one’s own life. This meditation is dedicated to Osho and his work.