Transcending the Fear of Death is a beautifully crafted meditation, written and guided by Eliza Mada Dalian. It can help you dis-identify from the fear of death and the unknown, finish unfinished business, deepen self-awareness, increase self-trust, and facilitate the process of healing into consciousness. It allows you to let go of your attachments to your body, emotions, things and people and helps you surrender to the abundance available all around you and open your consciousness to many new possibilities. During the meditation you will have an opportunity to openly express what’s in your heart and mind, and free your being from repressed pain and fear.

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I was quite fearful of doing the Transcending Fear of Death & the Unknown guided meditation because I’ve always feared death. This fear really became magnified after my mother died of throat cancer because it was very traumatic for me to witness and she never came to terms with dying. The visualization was very powerful and Mada lead it with such sensitivity and wisdom that it was a beautiful experience! My heart was very tight and closed but when I allowed it to open, so did the flood gates! I had a really hard time letting go of my attachments to loved ones. I definitely have not lived my life to the fullest up to this point and want to change that from here on out.
~ Carrie D Victoria, BC Click To Tweet
This guided meditation through the process of dying is an excellent tool to support liberation from fear of death and all kinds of other fears and blockages. I did it daily over a period of 3 weeks during which my consciousness expanded and it became more and more clear that every moment of life is a precious opportunity for sharing rather than holding back due to the angst of being judged or wrong. I experienced a lot of gratefulness, forgiveness, love, courage to live authentically without holding back, bliss and connection with the absolute. These were not just a mental exercises but much deeper experiences. Paradoxically in the apparently fearful subject of dying there is a lot of joy, liberation and expansion of consciousness. Try it and find out.
~ Reinhold Guthier father, Physicist Click To Tweet
I just wanted to mention that after the last tele-class with Eliza Mada Dalian…I did the meditation ‘Transcending the Fear of Death & the Unknown’ with the mp3 and tears started rolling down my face during the meditation. These tears were not anything from this lifetime, but from some other energy body within my energy field… the meditation itself must be releasing energies stored in my cellular memory somewhere. This is soooo cool….thank you Mada for helping me to become more aware of these thought forms imprinted in my body as I have begun to embark upon another journey towards truth.
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The passing of my beloved father

A note of gratitude from Loralee Curtis:
I am writing to express my deepest heartfelt gratitude to Mada for her assistance in the facilitation of the passing of my beloved father by means of her Transcending the Fear of Death and the Unknown Meditation.

About a month before my father’s passing, I was able to speak with Mada about symptoms I was experiencing in my own body that would wake me up every night with a terrifying feeling and dread that my body was dying. Mada saw that because of my close connection with my father I was experiencing his death process in my own body and suggested that I do the meditation myself, and also play it for him before his death and at his passing.

Although my father had severe dementia and lost his ability to communicate for the most part, my father and I were able to learn how to communicate with each other telepathically up until and even after the death of his body. Due to this, I was able to experience directly a peace that came over him and a sense of well-being while playing the mediation for him before his body died; which brought me great comfort for him, as well as myself.

On the day of his passing, when it was clear that the time was close; I put the meditation on and my husband and I sat with him in awe of this beautiful process. We both felt enveloped in this sweet beautiful silent peace held by Mada’s loving and gentle presence and voice. What struck us was at the very moment that Mada reached the lungs, my father took his last breath, as if his body was moving right along with Mada’s loving voice. I put my ear on my father’s chest for the sound of the last beat of his heart, in tune with Mada’s facilitation. The love and immovable still peace in the air was so tenderly thick and beautiful, as if in witness to the most sacred of births – his transition from physical life.

About twenty or so minutes after his last breath, I could sense some energetic movement in my being, which was so in contrast to the immovable stillness that was previously there. And then, like a soft silent puff from an air-filled balloon, it was as if he had just dissolved softly and so very gently into Light.

He passed with a soft, blissful divine smile on his face. Even the staff and the family that came afterward were struck and moved by this tender smile which looked as if he had just beheld the Presence of God.

Thank you Mada for this Divine Blessing. How could words ever express this love and gratitude in my heart for giving my father the most precious gift one could give?
The experience of this is enshrined in my heart for the rest of my life.
In deep, deep Love, Gratitude, and Reverence to you.
Loralee Curtis