Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ultimate goal of the Dalian Method?

The Dalian Method™ (DM) strives to help you heal out of pain and suffering and become conscious of your eternal being and oneness with existence. The Dalian Method knows that your body is only a temporary vehicle to help you transform what is unconscious in your energy into consciousness. It knows that by you breaking through your unconscious beliefs and conditionings and finding the light of your inner being is how you will become a blessing onto others and the world.

What can I expect from a session?

Prior to your session you will be asked to prepare a list of all your ailments in the following four areas: Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual. Mada will then look through the layers of your unconscious and identify the root cause(s) of your ailments. Once the cause is identified, Mada will read the precise thought-forms, emotions, and beliefs that are repressed in your body and will help you systematically release them using the bull’s eye Dalian Method. Once your repressed thoughts, emotions, and beliefs are released, like opening a clogged pipe, the energy will flow through your entire body, dissolving the energetic blockages in your organs. You will simultaneously experience your inner consciousness coming to the surface and miraculously transforming your old self-sabotaging beliefs into clarity and strength. As a result of this transformation, what seemed like a big problem will appear insignificant. Physically you will feel lighter, more solid and grounded in your body. You will feel a sense of lightness, expansiveness, and peace. You will also experience the silent presence of your being from where you can make clear decisions about your life’s direction.


In short, what might normally take months, or even years of working with other methods can be achieved in one session when working with Mada and the Dalian Method.

Will the energy shift be permanent, or will the problem return?

The transformation of the issues worked on will be lasting. Once the old beliefs are released from your body, you’ll become aware of something you were not aware of before. Your new awareness, and the energetic shift created in your body, will stay with you permanently.


Normally, during your post-session integration period you may at times act mechanically out of your old habit. However, you will quickly see your old behavior pattern and within a very short time will be able to fully dis-identify from it and let it go. Once your new awareness is fully integrated in your body, your old habitual behavior patterns will drop and you will be surprised that you even acted that way before. Also, with the old beliefs released from your body’s cellular memory, your chronic pain and ailments will automatically dissolve.


You will of course benefit from subsequent sessions to continue purifying your energy, deepening your self-awareness, and transforming other layers of your unconscious.

How much time will I need to integrate my new awareness?

Generally, the integration time will depend on the following factors:


• how deeply rooted the issue is

• how committed you are to doing the assigned homework after your session


Mada will give you an idea of how much time you will personally need to integrate the shift in consciousness that occurs during your session. On average, the integration time could be anywhere between 3 weeks to 6 months, depending on how quickly you take action to manifest your new awareness into your daily life.

Why do you give homework after each session?

The homework is an absolutely integral part of the session. It is not generic. It is given to each person depending on their specific needs and what would best help them integrate their new awareness in their daily life.

Can DM be used with children?

Absolutely! Children only need an occasional session every now and then. This will help clear their repressed thoughts and emotions, connect them with their inner clarity and strength, and help them with their development. The age and maturity level of the child would determine whether a session is suitable for them.

Is DM equally effective when done over the phone?

Yes. A phone session is just as accurate and effective as an in-person session. During the phone session Mada will identify the cause(s) of your issues that need to be healed and transformed just as she does during an in-person session. She will look into your energy and read the repressed thought patterns in your body. Then, using the Dalian Method she will help you release and transform the old beliefs and emotions from your body. You will also receive homework at the end of your session to help integrate your healing and new awareness in your body and life.

What is the difference between an Individual DM Session and the Self-Healing DM Session?

In an individual session Mada will immediately identify the root cause of the problem, which might take longer for you to see when practicing on your own with the self-healing DM. mada will also accurately identify the thought-forms and emotions that are repressed in your body and work as needed to help you release them. During the self-healing DM session you will follow Mada’s guidance as she takes you through the Dalian Method session and helps you identify and release the thought-forms and emotions that surface. Mada’s guidance on the recording will also help you find and ground your new clarity and awareness in your body.


The self-healing Dalian Method is a very powerful offering for those who would like to work with DM on their own. You can also practice with self-healing DM sessions between your individual sessions with Mada to speed up and maximize your healing into consciousness.


Mada currently offers only a limited number of private sessions with the Dalian Method. For booking information please refer to the book a session page.