Practical Suggestions for Daily Living

Small practical suggestions to help grow your awareness …

Let go of your thoughts
by expressing them out loud


Turn reaction to self-awareness


Watch your breath


Witness every thought


Watch your judgements and let them go


Listen with your heart


Cultivate courage


The above exercises have been excerpted from the book In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness. You can find many more suggestions in the book.

5 Tips for Creating Harmonious Relationships

by Mada Dalian

Relationships are at the heart of most of our significant life experiences. They help to nurture our body and soul and teach us many important lessons. Relationships help us see and understand ourselves through the eyes of the other and experience love, compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude. Below are five tips that will help you learn some of your important life-lessons and create harmonious relationships:

1. Love and accept yourself as you are

Instead of searching for someone else to fill your needs and inner emptiness, turn your attention inwards and try to understand what is missing inside you that you cannot give to yourself. To start with, begin working on healing your childhood wounds and start loving and accepting yourself as you are. Ask yourself: What is missing inside me that I need to get from a man or a woman? Why do I think I cannot be happy unless I receive unconditional love and acceptance from others? Why can I not give myself what I need from others? Then, create a five day solo retreat for yourself. Take time to be alone. Look inside. Contemplate over your needs and wants. Meditate, go for walks in nature, dance, and enjoy a beautiful sunset. Give to yourself what you usually look to receive from others.

2. Never blame or judge others for how you feel

No one likes to be judged or criticized. When we blame or judge others for how we feel we inevitably also judge and blame ourselves. Instead of blaming others, look inside and ask yourself: Why am I being triggered by what he or she said? Why am I blaming him or her for how I feel? What is this person or situation teaching me about myself? Pay attention to how others reflect back what you need to see about yourself. Try to understand what you are being shown about yourself and what lessons you need to learn. Remind yourself that other people are wonderful mirrors to help you see your unconscious thought patterns and grow.

3. Be honest with yourself and others

Honesty is an absolute must if we want to have harmonious, intimate and loving relationships. For this reason, don’t be afraid to fully express how you feel and what you think. Don’t compromise your inner truth and don’t manipulate. Be honest with people no matter what the consequences. This will not only help you feel good about yourself but will also encourage others to open their heart and connect with you in a way that will allow you both to grow.

4. Live every moment as if it is your last

Life is a flux with constant ups and downs. Nothing in life is permanent. Everything in nature constantly changes. Flowers bloom, release their fragrance, and they are gone. A child is born, lives his or her lifespan, and dies. To live and enjoy life fully we must learn to let go of every lived moment and welcome the next. When you experience moments of happiness, don’t try to hold on to them. Don’t think that by letting go of the lived moments you’ll be losing something. Observe your habits of wanting things to be permanent and learn to trust that life is abundant and will bring other beautiful moments for you to enjoy.

5. Treat life’s
 challenges as opportunities

Every relationship offers us many opportunities to learn and to grow. We often miss these opportunities by staying attached to our ego and its desires. Observe your beliefs about how life or other people should be and behave and welcome every challenging situation as an opportunity to learn, grow, and expand your consciousness. 🐬🐬🐬



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