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I was sceptical at first …

By W. G., Psychologist

My therapist recently introduced me to the existence of something called the Dalian Method and asked me to look into it. When reading what others had shared about it on the website [] I was still a little sceptical at first. I found it hard to believe that it could really work that well. Now, after my first session, I almost feel sorry for doubting Mada Dalian’s work for even a minute and I will very enthousiasticly put my two cents in.

The first session of working with the Dalian Method was impressive beyond words. The power and effectiveness with which this method does its healing work, can hardly be compared to anything else. This method clearly originated from a source of deep intuïtive wisdom and experience with how we can learn to know and heal ourselves.

For someone like me, who is usually ‘in his head’ a lot, finding and accessing older ‘un-true’ convictions and the emotions that come with those beliefs isn’t usually all that easy, but through this method I didn’t have to find them anymore, theyfound me.

What the guided bodyscan brought up was intense, overwhelming and unexpected, but by staying with it in an attentive way, it reveals what has to be felt and why. The audio-exercises contain very specific directions that provide guidance during this emotional process. Much more strongly than every other method and meditation technique I have learned and explored so far, this short first session of the Dalian Method let me know everything that had to be experienced in my bodyand left no room for doubt about the answers to my questions. My therapist warned me that the Dalian Method is not for the faint-hearted, and she was quite right: it is mind-blowingly effective.

To me the Dalian Method could be compared to a really good EMDR-session, only much broader and deeper. Through the combination of the specific breathing technique and the body-focus attention, more than with EMDR the body is involved in the process as a source of, or bridge to, inner wisdom. By opening up to that, all the rest starts to flow on its own, creating more space around the emotions, and with that emerges a clarity and irreversible insight in that which could not be seen before. It’s like seeing for the first time that the earth is round: suddenly you understand your world.

Now I could actually fully feel and experience those answers, and within the first session I felt reconnected with that immensely powerful flow of energy, insight and inspiration that I know is always available but to which I close myself all too often, out of fear and insecurity. I felt one with myself, an intense, intimate and completely loving, timeless connectedness. A geiser-like surge of energy left me with a feeling of awe and amazement that stayed with me all day. I could tell something very beautiful and wonderful had just come into my life. 🐬🐬🐬


Surviving a Fall from a Two Storey Building

Excerpted from the Foreword of Healing the Body & Awakening Consciousness with the Dalian Method: An Advanced Self-Healing System for the New Humanity

By Jandy Anderson

To talk of healing is to invite a transformation. This book and healing method offer such an invitation. I had the great fortune of meeting Mada Eliza Dalian in the year 2000. Meeting her was a game changer for me. After working with her and being introduced to the Dalian Method™ (DM), my concept of healing and personal transformation radically changed. What follows describes the pivotal role Mada and the Dalian Method played in my healing from a major accident.

It was a gorgeous day in July 2008. My friend Sandy and I decided to enjoy the warm, sunny day outside on the second floor communal balcony of my apartment building. When we closed the door, it unexpectedly locked behind us. We were trapped. We called for help but no one heard us.

There was a fire escape ladder mounted on the wall of the building. Using it seemed the best way out of the predicament. I opened the hinged door and stepped onto the ladder. My knee hit the wall. I looked at Sandy and said, “I feel dizzy. I think I’m going to faint.” I lost consciousness and fell backwards all the way to the ground. Terrified, Sandy rushed down the ladder thinking I may have died. Blood was dripping from my head and my body began to convulse. Sandy was quick to call the ambulance and stabilize me.

In the beginning, the medical team at Vancouver General Hospital was not sure if I was going to make it. I had cracked the back of my skull, severely shattered my L1 vertebrae into more than 30 pieces, and sustained a traumatic brain injury. I was vomiting blood. Seven staples had been inserted into my skull to fuse the breakage. The severity of my brain injury was causing delays in the urgently needed spinal surgery. My friends and family were at my bedside day and night, extremely worried and concerned. Two days after the accident, a spinal surgeon was able to insert two rods and four screws into my back.

I have little memory of this time. For the first three days following the accident I drifted in and out of consciousness. When I regained full consciousness, my first instinctive interpretation of what had happened was that I had experienced a miracle and had been given a gift. Although my body was severely injured and I was weak, nauseous, and felt pain in my spine, I was inexplicably peaceful inside. I felt a sense of expanded consciousness and knew that I was, and would be, fine. What troubled me most, however, was an intermittent stabbing pain in my head. It was like a hot arrow alternately hitting my forehead and the top of my head from inside.

Five days after the accident Mada came to see me. I’ll never forget the first thing she told to me that day in the hospital. “You look great,” she said with a smile. Very few people would have said that, as on that day, I looked terrible physically. I had a ghastly black eye and looked very pale and weak. But Mada could see beyond my physical state. The sense that my consciousness had expanded from receiving such an amazing gift of life was visible to her.

Mada was the only person I had seen since my accident who was able to recognize the full impact of my fall. Of course, she could see the damage to my physical body, but she could also see the blessing the accident had bestowed on me psychologically and spiritually. She could see that my awareness, trust, and appreciation of life had grown enormously. I did not have to explain this to her. She knew the moment she saw me that something had changed deep within me. I felt very supported in her presence. It was an incredible relief to be greeted by someone who could see the full spectrum of what was truly happening inside me, in contrast to the chaos of the hospital treatments and the worry of my loved ones.

While talking to the nurse, who had come to check on me, the extreme stabbing pain in my head started again. Without hesitation Mada knew what to do and how to help me. She looked at what was repressed in my energy and did a quick DM session with me on the spot. Within minutes I realized that due to other people’s concerns and fears, I was repressing my inner knowingness that I was okay and had nothing to worry about.

With Mada’s help I was able to openly verbalize the awareness of my inner well-being. I had been withholding this awareness from others due to my fear that they would not understand me. Once I verbalized out loud my inner awareness that I had nothing to worry about, Mada then helped me to anchor it in my body and feet.

The stabbing head pain stopped as soon as she finished working with me, and to this day, I have never had the pain again, not even once. The disabling impact of such a devastating injury could have lasted for years, or perhaps even my whole life, if it had not been for Mada’s treatment. I recovered with extraordinary speed and ease, and without the need of any medications.

My occupational therapist at GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre (a medical facility that specializes in the rehabilitation of people with brain injuries) was amazed at how quickly I was recovering from such a severe injury. When I went for a follow-up appointment with my neurosurgeon (I ended up not requiring neurosurgery), he too was surprised at the speed and progress of my recovery. In particular, he could not believe that I no longer had headaches. He questioned me about this, saying that statistically everyone would normally experience headaches from this type of injury. I told him about the quick healing I received from Mada’s method. He was intrigued by the extraordinary results he saw from an unconventional method and said, “Well, maybe she knows something we don’t.” I thought to myself, “Yes, she absolutely does, and isn’t it wonderful that you are open to that possibility!”

This experience made a tremendous difference in my life, not for that moment alone, but for the years that have followed. Since that day, I have never again doubted my inner voice and well-being. After my accident, I completed a university degree and now hold a full-time position in helping people with disabilities. I create programs to help them move towards greater health and independence.

My story is one among many stories of dramatic transformations that have happened as a result of Mada’s gifts and the method of healing that she has created. The Dalian Method is a truly unique healing technique. It stands out from other healing modalities in a multitude of ways. One of its outstanding qualities is that you don’t need ongoing treatments to endlessly deal with the same issue. Mada’s work and her healing system don’t encourage dependence. The Dalian Method helps people to rely on and use their own inner strength and power.

Mada is truly a light in the darkness. She teaches that we already have everything we need within our own being to heal and free ourselves from pain and suffering. Going through great lengths and tremendous effort she has carefully developed a practical tool that each person can use to transform their fears, pain, and ailments, and, through the process of healing into consciousness find their authentic voice and freedom. There are many souls here, and beyond, who feel a tremendous gratitude to Mada for this phenomenal gift that she is sharing with us. She has dedicated her life to helping people be free of pain and suffering.

Without having worked under the guidance of such a formidable master I truly believe that my life would have been significantly harder. As a result of working with Mada and the Dalian Method I have learned to read my own repressed thoughts and emotions, release them from my body, heal my insecurities, find and honor my inner strength and intelligence, trust my intuition, and live my life with more meaning and joy.

I am very happy for you to experience the benefits of the Dalian Method for yourself and take a cosmic leap on your own journey of healing and transformation. 🐬🐬🐬


Mada clears post traumatic stress in just 10 minutes after this horrific car accident!

By Jessica Gibson

As we arrived at Joshua Tree Retreat Centre for a seven day retreat with Mada, we heard that Dr. Rick Chehil, one of our participants, was in a car accident on his way to the retreat centre. He had booked a local shuttle company to drive him from Palm Springs to Joshua Tree. Half way through the ride he felt uneasy as the driver began to speed. He thought to ask the driver to slow down, but held back. Minutes later, the driver lost control of the wheel and drove into the crash barrier wall. The car rolled over (see photo). Miraculously, Dr. Chehil managed to crawl out of the car without a scratch but the driver was badly injured.

Though in a shock from what had happened, being a doctor, he gracefully rejected the offer to be driven to a hospital, stating that he was fine. He was delivered to the retreat center by police and had already checked into his room by the time we arrived.

When we found him, the shock from the accident was still on his face. He complained of pain in his shoulder but sweetly reassured us that he was ok. Mada insisted that he went to the hospital for an X-ray to be sure that he had nothing broken. She knew that she could take care of his mental/emotional state later. She also knew that this experience was a blessing in disguise for him, as well as for the 24 other people who were arriving for the retreat.

After dinner, as we all gathered for our first evening of the retreat, Mada looked into his body so she could help clear the mental and the physical shock out of his system. She looked into the right and left sides of his body, all the way from his feet to his head, and his chakra points. Each area she looked said, “I’m afraid to die.” (Imagine yourself in his place. Wouldn’t the fear of death be the only thought on your mind as you roll over in a car?)

Using the Dalian Method (DM) Mada helped Dr. Chehil completely release the fear and the associated thought “I am afraid to die” from his body. Through the process of the Dalian Method he also learned two very important lessons:

  1. He saw that his being can never die
  2. He learned that he must always listen to his intuition and speak his truth without trying to accommodate or being afraid to hurt someone’s feelings. Had he spoken up against the driver’s speeding he would have helped the driver to avoid the accident and badly injure himself, and also helped him to be responsible for his passenger.

With both these valuable lessons learned in less than 10 minutes of Mada working on him, the shock of the accident was completely erased from his face. He immediately relaxed and the pain in his shoulder miraculously vanished.

This story is a shining example of how the Dalian Method can supplement allopathic medicine and provide complete health care to people. 

To me, this is the way of the future for generations to come… Had Dr. Chehil not been able to clear the shock of the accident from his body, he would have continued to suffer the physical, mental, and emotional shock of the accident through reoccurring bouts of chronic pain in his shoulder for the rest of his life. This would have happened each time he would have faced any life threatening situation that would automatically activate the fear of death response. Fortunately, after learning the most important life lesson that his being is can never die, Dr. Chehil will be able to live his life more fully and enjoy everything that the unknown has to offer him.

The blessing of Dr. Chehil’s experience not only helped him to get into his own power and realize that he must live his life without holding anything back, but it also helped everyone else in the group to feel encouraged to clear their own repressed fears, beliefs, and conditionings that have been weighing them down.

A few years later,Dr. Chehil took the first Dalian Method Facilitator Training and became a facilitator of this magical system. He now incorporates the Dalian Method alongside his practice with western medicine. I think he has an important mission ahead of him to help people truly heal using the Dalian Method. 🐬🐬🐬


Life Can be Truly Enjoyed when we Heal into Consciousness

by Silke, Registered Nurse

I have been in pain most of my life. In February of 2011, I started having lower back pain, which on good days was 6 out of 10 and 9 out of 10 on bad days. Good days only were good because I stopped moving for the most part. I was literally bound to the sofa, bed or chair with a heating pad on my lower back, buttocks, taped to a mobile EMG unit, taking strong pain medication or antispasmodic pain pills which did not touch the pain on certain days so I helped it out with a glass of wine here and there.
On regular work-days my pain level was at that 9 out of 10. I lived with burning pain in my lower back, numbness, tingling, radiating pain down my legs (switching randomly from left to right) and around my hip flexors and groin. To lift my leg slightly to walk would feel like burning hot arthritis pain with every step I took.
Every activity, however minute, was accompanied by pain. Lying down was painful, breathing was painful. I was not able to sleep at night. The pain in my back felt like I weighed 1000 pounds. I would medicate, bathe to relax my legs and back enough to be able to sleep for maybe 2 hours. Pain was always present, even in my sleep.

This condition affected my life in many ways. In addition to the physical pain, my mental/emotional states were also very much affected. I felt useless, powerless, and had immense bouts of fear of being wheelchair bound.

I went for monthly scheduled massages, lower back stretching sessions, PT, crystal table meditation, energy clearing etc. I read countless books, listened to talks on meditation, relaxation, spiritualism, energy medicine, auras, chakras, energy pathways, thought forms, Louise Hay, etc. I felt better for a couple of hours, or a day at the most, but the pain always came back.

Some of my friends who are mediums, psychics, and energy workers unanimously agreed that there is nothing wrong with my body. They said that it was just stuck emotional energy in the body. And this is as far as they could take me.

I lived in this state of pain from February 2011 through June 2014, until I ran into Mada by pure accident. After one-hour session with her my pain was completely gone. At first I was skeptical and questioned if it will last. Mada reassured me that after three weeks of integrating of the shift in consciousness that occurred during the session and completing the homework that she gave me the pain will be permanently gone. And she was right!

Three weeks after the session I ran up and down stairs moving heavy shelves. I was happy to feel muscle soreness as a result of physical work and not the debilitating pain I had before. I kept testing my body periodically as I started to use it more and more, and there was no pain. I even went for a long horseback riding and felt no pain whatsoever! I now use my body the way I used to. I’m so happy I can move, jump, bend and run. I feel so much joy just to be able to clean my floors and pull weeds in the garden. 

A year has gone by and I am still pain free! I feel so thankful for Mada’s work and the Dalian Method. I can enjoy my life now feeling stronger, healthier, and more empowered! 🐬🐬🐬


The passing of my beloved father

by Loralee Curtis

I am writing to express my deepest heartfelt gratitude to Mada for her assistance in the facilitation of the passing of my beloved father by means of her Transcending the Fear of Death and the Unknown Meditation.

About a month before my father’s passing, I was able to speak with Mada about symptoms I was experiencing in my own body that would wake me up every night with a terrifying feeling and dread that my body was dying. Mada saw that because of my close connection with my father I was experiencing his death process in my own body and suggested that I do the meditation myself, and also play it for him before his death and at his passing.

Although my father had severe dementia and lost his ability to communicate for the most part, my father and I were able to learn how to communicate with each other telepathically up until and even after the death of his body. Due to this, I was able to experience directly a peace that came over him and a sense of well-being while playing the mediation for him before his body died; which brought me great comfort for him, as well as myself.

On the day of his passing, when it was clear that the time was close; I put the meditation on and my husband and I sat with him in awe of this beautiful process. We both felt enveloped in this sweet beautiful silent peace held by Mada’s loving and gentle presence and voice. What struck us was at the very moment that Mada reached the lungs, my father took his last breath, as if his body was moving right along with Mada’s loving voice. I put my ear on my father’s chest for the sound of the last beat of his heart, in tune with Mada’s facilitation. The love and immovable still peace in the air was so tenderly thick and beautiful, as if in witness to the most sacred of births – his transition from physical life.

About twenty or so minutes after his last breath, I could sense some energetic movement in my being, which was so in contrast to the immovable stillness that was previously there. And then, like a soft silent puff from an air-filled balloon, it was as if he had just dissolved softly and so very gently into Light.

He passed with a soft, blissful divine smile on his face. Even the staff and the family that came afterward were struck and moved by this tender smile which looked as if he had just beheld the Presence of God.

Thank you Mada for this Divine Blessing. How could words ever express this love and gratitude in my heart for giving my father the most precious gift one could give?

The experience of this is enshrined in my heart for the rest of my life.

In deep, deep Love, Gratitude, and Reverence to you Mada.

Transcending-fear-of-Death1Transcending the Fear of Death & the Unknown MP3 by Eliza Mada Dalian

A deeply transformative guided visualization  to help you dis-identify from the fear of death and the unknown, finish unfinished business, cultivate courage and trust, deepen your self-awareness, and facilitate the process of healing into consciousness. 🐬🐬🐬


In Loving Memory of Michael Julian Benz

by Mada

Perhaps this note might help those who are grieving the loss of Michael Julian Berz, a talented artist, photographer, filmmaker, and friend…

As many of you have come to know and appreciate Michael’s gentle and caring soul it will be difficult not to miss his presence amongst us. He lived his life being childlike and playful at heart with wonder and creativity only he new how to manifest. He touched many people’s lives with his gifts and gave his all in capturing moments of beauty and meaning through his unique art. His creativity helped him live his p
layful nature and often forget about the difficulties of life that he needed to face and learn from. As the mid-life crises naturally kicked in, he was not prepared for it. He was not prepared for and did not know how to embrace his aloneness…

Learning how to be alone is our collective challenge and problem. Our education system does not prepare us to understand the temporariness of life and learn that our life here is just a blip within the grander picture we call the Universe. The physical world needs our energy and creativity to sustain itself but it does not teach us the importance of looking in and discovering who we truly are. It does not teach us how to work through the layers of our unconscious fears, beliefs, and conditionings. It leaves us helpless and vulnerable against the discomfort of feeling our inner emptiness and aloneness. The lack of education about our True Self keeps us identified and trapped within the shells of our egos and the clouds of our emotions. Our education system only teaches us how to survive in the world. It teaches us to control life instead of learn and celebrate the lessons hidden within it. It does not teach us how to find our life purpose and live it fully without fear.

We all come to experience the harshness, separation, and meaninglessness of life at one time or another in our lives. If we are lucky, we begin asking: Who am I? Where do I come from? and Where will I go when I die? If we don’t ask these questions with curiosity and determination, we fall into helplessness and depression.

Do you remember when you went to school for the first time? What was your attitude on the first day of school? Did you resist going because you were afraid to be alone in a new place and with strangers? Or were you excited to go and discover the world outside? Contemplate on this because this attitude is still with you with anything new that you are asked to confront. If you are resisting to trust and welcome the unknown then consciously change your attitude. Make every effort to let go and surrender to the wisdom of life and the challenges it is placing in front of you.

Though leaving the familiar behind and trusting the unknown is difficult, especially when it comes to letting go of your attachments to people, try to help your inner child learn to cultivate courage and stand on his/her own two feet. Learn to grow your trust in the Universe so that surrendering into the unknown becomes easier and more exciting. Face the pain and suffering of separation so you can find the truth of your eternal Being.

Although I saw a bright future for Michael and his creative gifts when I had a session with him on March 25th, I feel that he was overwhelmed with the responsibility that he needed to take to create it on his own. As he entered a crucial transition point in his life and needed to learn how to help his inner child to mature, he unfortunately did not look at the task with the light-hearted curiosity that he had inside. His emotions overwhelmed him and he did not wait long enough to learn how to transform them. Missing this opportunity is sad, but he is here for eternity, so he will have another chance to continue his journey of healing into consciousness.

I feel Michael is enjoying his freedom from the heaviness and burdens of the world. Seeing so many people’s love for him and their sadness of not having his physical presence here is also helping him understand that what he did by throwing his precious life away was wrong. In the meantime, he is in a good place of respite where he can rejuvenate and be ready for the next round of exciting adventures. As he comes to another body to continue with his journey he will remember his mistakes and will be more prepared to face the world and its challenges instead of escaping from them.

So Michael, wherever you are, I send you my love and blessings and a wish for you to awaken to your magnificent inner Truth! In your next life learn to watch what comes and goes, watch your thoughts and emotions, and settle your awareness in the centre of your being where you can truly be liberated from pain and suffering. 🐬🐬🐬

The Wonder of Child’s Wisdom

by Tara

This morning my young son of 6 years woke up tired and grumpy. He has a cold sore on his mouth and was feeling very self conscious. I asked him if he felt bad about himself? He nodded. I decided to try the Dalian Method that we had been working with on the online course… After we were done, he immediately proceeded to get down off the chair and sat crossed legged on the floor, holding the tips of his index finger and thumb together and closed his eyes. I was filled with such love and awe. I have never taught him anything like this before. He then looked up at me and said “I am peace sitting”!!!! :-o
I asked him how he knew this, he replied “I don’t know”. W O W – W O W – W O W

I was so touched, my heart filled with so much love and gratitude. I saw so clearly how we have simply forgotten who we really are. Covered up with layer upon layer of who we are not. I was also filled with so much gratitude to Mada and my Being for receiving this in my life to pass on to others. 🐬🐬🐬


Reflections on the 10 Day Intensive

by Sheldon Boreen

Looking back on my life and the journey to self I have never been much into being a devotee or disciple of any one path or guru. Organized religion during childhood turned me off to the control, brainwashing and imposed guilt of those types of structures. Though I have had some amazing teachers and profound experiences I consider myself more so a student of life. I trust following my heart and intuition more than following someone “who is not me” telling me how I should live, behave or what to believe in.

As I approach 200 days since completing Mada’s 10 day intensive, I am in gratitude for Mada’s work in particular her approach to helping each student discover the guru within and trust that voice. In turn her process also opens our hearts to trust existence more in our everyday lives and know that without a doubt we are supported.

I am in gratitude for her approach to helping each individual clear past emotional blockages to find more joy, self-acceptance and ultimately more contentment in life. Suffering through unnecessary cycles of drama has ended because of the awareness received that we choose to suffer.

As I continue to do the work with her tools I continue to uncover, face and process the past and present parts of the egoic mind that opposes that natural character and innate divinity we all possess. This work continues as “the I” prepares to die. 🐬🐬🐬


I Love Your Book!

by Diane Riley, nurse

I love your book! The material is very well-organized and though out and, also, very well-written. It is helping me to take my understanding of “presence” to a new level. Thank you for this gift. 🐬🐬🐬





Hello from Spain

by Javier

I recently attended one of your conferences in Vancouver (Public Library). I live in Madrid (Spain), but last month when I was spending several days in that nice city where you live,  the title of your conference caught my eyes, although I had never heard about you.
1 year ago, I started to look for understanding and discovering this magic essence that support the life most people are trapped in, when I realized that I was involved in a ciclyng rythm of life that made me repeat always the same behaviour patterns….. the same painful behaviour patterns!! The “reality dance” that manages life, drove me to meet people that helped me to “look out of the window” and realize that things don’t happen by chance, and about the “God seed” we have inside. Although I know the long way I have to cover ( I’ve just started!!!), now I feel that traveling this way is the most important purpose of my life, beyond the activities I did for a living.
The day I attended your conference, I bought your book. When I was reading it I could feel and understand the lightened way you try to show us…. I could feel that this way was an essencial way to explore, enlightened from the heart, from the real knowledge and experience, from a very high concious state and aiming to provide a sincere help to people. Reading your book has been a very deep experience that helped me to travel inside me.
Although there are many books written about the subject of spirituality, and I have read some of them, this book is one of the most revealing ones that people can read. It facilitates a travel to the center of one’s being that everyone can understand and relate to.
I think that, like in other places around the world, there are many people in Spain who are interested and awakening to something that most of us don’t know exists. Libraries are full of self-help books. Most of them are written only to make money and not from a real spiritual experience or a high level of consciousness, but from a level of detecting business opportunities. I agree that all this books are helpful but, in my opinion, most of them are written from people with only an intelectual knowledge but not a real spiritual experience.
Once again, I would like to say thanks for showing people the way to awakening!!!!! 🐬🐬🐬

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